Sunday, October 23, 2011


Wowsers. Haven't done a blog post in almost 20 days! EEK. That is definitely NOT GOOD. :/ Suppose you could say my blog is like a plant. You need to feed it plant food and water it for it to grow and get better and be successful.. Haven't been doing much watering lately that's for sure.. :p
BUT I will tell you I have been busy with so many other things, and because of my desire to do interesting/cool/not boring posts, I end up feeling too pressured and then just put it off for another day. Silly silly mentality I know, coz it's highly probable that only like 3 people at the most ever read the stuff I post ha.. *sigh* But I do  love those 3 people and will endeavour to continue this blog to provide them with at least a half smile (mouth twitch even??) when they read these ramblings of mine. (: Not to mention the satisfaction I receive after completing a new post each time! Is a good feeling. Which is why I need and want to keep trying! So bear with me and my busy life.

To lighten the mood, everyone loves pictures of kitties...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

not the best effort, i admit.

Wow cannot believe its OCTOBER 4th already! And I haven't done one blog post this month until now! Argh.. Looks like getting to the habit of continuously blogging is going to be a harder challenge than I thought!
So back on the 1st of September, I wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve for the month of September...
Let's review how well those went shall we...

  • Keep updated with my blog! At least 3 times a week preferably.  Didn't do this!
  • Re-design or revamp the look of my blog.  Didn't do this...
  • Draw as often as I can. Didn't do this either.
  • Practice watercolour paiting.  Or this...
  • Stay on task with my studies and work harder! - Kinda tried to do this?
  • Improve my time management.  Didn't improve enough.
  • Hangout with my lovely friends as much as I can. <3 - Still managed to do this a bit!
  • Write back to those who are waiting for an email from me!  Damn! Really shoulda done this!
  • Take more photos. - Did one good photoshoot. (:
  • Have fun and laugh. Alot. - Ummm unsure about this one.. ?

SO, in conclusion, I managed to fulfill about 2 and a half goals out of 10... Not the best effort I have to admit! :/ If you noticed, the things I didn't do are all things relating to work, course work, or things that take practice/effort! :O Shock revelation! And really not good... I now know what I need to work harder at - working harder!! And being way less lazy with certain things which should be prioritised more highly.

Haha anyways, enough of my useless ramblings! Lets see some awesome pics just because we can ;)

^ Didn't know eggs could vom?! Ha.

^ Ahahahahahahahahah! THEE BEST EVER! So frikkn cute! ^.^

^ Clever.

^ I agree! Don't like tea tho.. :p

^ Also clever.

^ Just plain awesome.
Ciao for now!

Friday, September 30, 2011

day-dreams of summer.

With the recent heightening of pressures and stress levels from study/course work, sometimes my mind enjoys the escape into day dreams of summer (carefree, fun, adventurous, excitement-filled summer!) especially on a sunny spring day such as today! *sigh*.. 7 weeks of course left to go! (However it shall go fast I know it, I have soooo much to do, argh..)

Some things about summer which I'm fully keen for include....

Strawberries and Chocolate

Warm evenings

Blue skies

Amazing Summer nights/adventures

Sleeping in!

Fun with friends

Doing lots of photography

Pretty summer things

Delicious icy-cold beverages

Summer Clothes/Accessories

Cooling off with the garden hose



Hanging out in the backyard

Sunset beach walks


Discovering cute/new things

YAY! Even more excited now after finding all these example pics! Bring on SUMMER! :D
P:S: Tomorrow is October!! Wow, this month has just flown by!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

dedicated to her.

Dearest (you know who you are!)
I know I haven't been the best lately and for that I am sorry... But no matter what happens, I always, always want a strong presence of you in my life. You are always in my heart, and I will never forget that to have your beautiful self in my life is a huge blessing. I wish you could see how wonderful you are from my eyes, coz then you would never doubt yourself and you would know just how amazing you are. (:
Love you forever. 
These are dedicated from me to you.  



Thursday, September 15, 2011

food. money. music.

So today, I didn't go to my lecture... But for good reasons! My car had to go in for WOF today (passed yay!), then went and changed banks with the help of my parents, went to McCafe for lunch - had a delish hot choc as always, and a chicken wrap -, then at home, my dad assisted me in getting my IRD sorted and I FINALLLYYY got my owing tax back from the last 5 years!! $826.. STOKED!! :D And got it all done and sorted over the phone and only took about 25 mins (: Was so buzzing after that phonecall! Ha ha..

So lately, I've been addicted to a few songs (Yes, all by Anberlin!) in particular, just thought I really should share coz these are "Must-Hears"!

Anberlin// Unwinding Cable Car


Anberlin//Time and Confusion

Oh oh and a random on by The Script (I know it't kinda old but I can't stop listening to it! It's just sooo gorgeous and cute and catchy too!) >>

The Script//The Man Who Can't Be Moved 

Enjoy! :D xx.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

on a buzz.

So I'm on this illustration buzz at the moment. Love so much incredible stuff, it's almost overwhelming at times coz I just want to experiment and try new styles and practice and be inspired by so much stuff! Ahh! But sadly there are not enough hours in the day for that. And it's kinda weird coz even though I'm on this illustration/drawing buzz, there are still some times when I just don't feel like putting pen to paper.. Usually when my brain is fried from doing a hard days work of study stuff! *sigh* But like I mentioned in my last past, I love my A5 drawing sketch book, even though it's not of the coveted 'Moleskine' brand.. But one day hopefully! It is a bit of a luxury to own one apparently... Anyways, here are some Moleskine drawing inspirations which I found. (:

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