Friday, May 20, 2011

cute? definitely.

Second day of my blogging journey.

 I have already come to realise that there is such a vast array of amazing things I could possibly blog about... where do I even start?!

First of all, I am glad it is Friday and hopefully this weekend will be more enjoyable than my stressful  week was... I will be seeing about three special individuals who I haven't seen in varying lengths of time, all of whom I have somewhat missed... (: x So I'm quite looking forward to that!

For today's image 'eye candy', I've decided to post a few pics up which I find rather cute... {The one directly below is one I took and edited myself! Wanna see more?}

I find old/vintage books and paper quite beautiful! Perhaps I shall do a post in the near future purely devoted to such things...

Another cute couple pic. Naww.

Hehehe! x

*Mwah* ! 

Cute, hand-written notes (& nail polish!) ... gotta love 'em! :D

Hmmmmm... Yeah, I do quite like posting about CUTE things such as seen above... I shall deliver to you some more visual cuteness as I find it.. Stay tuned. 


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