Friday, June 3, 2011

giant killer baby rabbit doll robot...

Continuing with the topic of inspiring things, I thought I'd share with you the bits of inspiration I witness in front of me everyday.. pinned up onto my splash board at tech! Since I'm a graphic design student, I collect these neat designed things which I think are cool to put up on it. 

(The piece of printed paper with the drawn swirl image over the writing is the one bit of my own work on this board!)

Below is a full view shot of my desk... Slightly messy, I agree, but I was in the middle of working on something, in my defense. You can see a highly important item of mine just to the left of my workbook.. Yes that's right, it is my cellphone.. ;) (How else would I be able to communicate with those 'special' people while in the studio?! lol... :p

Afterwards, I tidied it up so it looks more professional... But mainly just to impress you of course! Oh and in this shot, another very important item of mine is laying to the right of my workbook... I call it, my little green baby hehehe :p x.

All you need to do this work is a pen or a pencil... ;p

 Okay so I just wanted to share this one image with you which I found off the internet ages ago! Just had to print it out.. It's sooo random, but genius. And quite simple too! Cracks me up every time.. :D It is also the title of today's blog...

("Giant Killer Baby Rabbit Doll Robot. Will you be my mummy?") Hahaha..

Well, thats a quick tour of my space in my studio! It does look a bit budget at the moment, I realise, but I'm planning on pimping it out a bit more before the year is over! Perhaps a nice pot plant would do the trick.....? I'll keep you posted. (: 


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