Wednesday, June 29, 2011

you have to see this cake.


Have you ever seen a picture of something so delicious-looking in all your life?!?!?! Doubt it. I could actually stare at this cake and its beauty for ages just imagining how heavenly it would taste. I'm sure I'll end up having DREAMS about THIS CAKE. If anyone actually made me a cake like this or bought one like this for me, I have to admit that I would probably consider marrying you. Although it's probably not the healthiest food in the world.. Pretty sure I put on a couple kg's just looking at it... But who cares, I want it!! Definitely makes it into my top food wish list, without a doubt. 

Anyhoo, enough amazing cake-ramblings for the day. Onto things less edible.

Found some more pics from thenotebookdoodles.tumblr.comThey're just so well done! Really makes me wanna try and do my own... Hmmm. Oh and also chucked in a some random images plus a few more pics from just coz I can. And they're really cool. (:

OH I found some other pics I really like which I forgot to include in the previous post I did on found illustrations etc.. So adding them in here!

(^Love everything about this drawing.)

(^ Wish this camera was real..)

(^ Yes. I often feel like this. You familiar with this feeling too?)

(^ Actually SO beautiful, like, WHOAH!)

(^Ahahaha! Awesome.)

Those last 2 are so simple, yet rather genius I do believe. And they make me smile too. So adorable.  Fantastic. (:


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