Wednesday, June 22, 2011

your hugs are my favourite.

Wednesday. Middle of the week. Which means 2 more days of course work and then holidays! Can you tell I'm slightly excited?? Possibly.. :p So anyways, I keep finding really awesome pics that I feel the need to share with you.. Just can't help myself really. But hopefully you are enjoying them too? (: 

So as I was writing this post, my dear mother just handed me a bowl of chocolate mousse. YUM?!?! :D (Just thought I'd share this pointless info with you... just to make you jealous, muahaha.)

(^ Why can't I draw like this?  ): )

(^ Teehee.)

(^ Buy me these.)

(^ I just died.)

(^ Nawww.)

(^ The awesomeness of these heels just amazes me.)

(^ Just, let it be.)

(^ LOVE IT. So true.)

(^ ;) x)

(^ Cookie Monsta!)

(^ Reading a book outside on a summer's day. Keen!)

(^ Mhmm yup so true.)

(^ Please keep smiling for me always. :D )

(^ Yes you will.)

(^I want to eat this sooo bad! Just look at its deliciousness!)

(^ Sucha mean illustration!)

Well, that's all for today folks! Until next time, stay cool.. :P

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