Monday, July 25, 2011

i couldn't resist.

When I was in Palmerston North shopping at that amazing store which I mentioned in a previous post, I purchased this stunning book for $50. Creative Walls by Geraldine James. I saw it, flipped through it, and just fell in love with it. I was tossing up whether I really needed to spend that much money on a book or not, but in the end, the gorgeous images, beautiful design, and just the entire value of the book was just simply too difficult to resist! So I gave in. (As I often do when shopping....oops!) And I made this baby my very own. (: Took a few snapshots of it and some of the spreads within it cause I just HAD to share its brilliance with you.

^Contents page yay.

^A summary of what this book's about!
Also found some other pretty lovely stuff from the same shop too. Chekitowt! (:

^Paper/book holder
^Awesome frame

^Journals (buy 1 get 1 free!)
^A4 notebook. I love Japan!
^Another one. So cute, yeah?
^"Big" spiral memo pad. Super useful...
^"...for big ideas,designs and dreams". Love it.

Spent a whole hour in that shop! Definitely worth a visit. (:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

ah, mid-year break, you have been good to me.

If I could sum up my mid-year break in 3 words, they would be: fun, random, awesome.. BUUUUTTT I wouldn't go that cliche', that'd just be boring.. So to sum up my mid-year break in 3 less boring words, they would be: driving, jam-packed, awesome. Okay yes. I had to use the "A" word cause its true. These hols were awesome. And fabulous. And...well you get the picture. Travelled alot, shopped alot, ate (decently), spent very many hours with several very beautiful people who are very dear to me, did not work (Annual leave. Brilliant.) and just had a general fantastic time. If I were to recount to you all the things I did, I would be sure to bore you to tears and cause you to lose interest very quickly... So I shall just post a visual list of some of my favourite highlights of my past 4 weeks. (:

This amazing shop that we spent an hour in. (Taupo, NZ)

This amazing card we found in the amazing shop.
This random Asian notepad...
 They must have forgotten to spell check it before they sent it to print...
 This delicious strawberry muffin. Didn't last long!
 The pure brilliance that was the chicken and pesto panini which Dale and I shared in Auckland.
 The hot chocolates I had at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in both Auckland and Palmy.
 Riding on a train in Auckland yay. The ticket master was a nice man lol.
 Seeing many rainbows.
 Eating this fantastically delicious fettuccine meal from Furnace in Hamilton. 
 Shopping like a psycho in Hamilton.
 Our visit to the Hamilton gardens, which were super beautiful.
 We liked the Italian themed garden the best!
 Splendid views.
 The 45 minutes we spent at part of the gardens which we rushed to get through so we could make it on time to our movie...which ended up being cancelled. Great.
The fun roadtrips/very many photo opportunities.
A casual average pic with the brother in his new car.
A tough hour and a half of physical exercise going for a walk up Te Mata Peak with Ash.
The breath-taking views from the top.
Getting to see this #1 chick quite a bit these hols.
And seeing this super sweet chick a bit too.. (She is normal I promise :p)
Spending a week with this amazingly beautiful person.


And staying in her big, wonderful room! It was absolutely lovely! (And plus she has her own ensuite bathroom and walk in wardrobe! Wow.)
Oh and getting her to do my hair like this. Heeee.
This wall feature.
Shopping at Typo in Palmerston North for the first time ever and loving just about everything I layed my eyes upon. (And spending over $110...)
Travelling heaps! I went to or stopped in: Taupo...  
Palmerston North... 
...and Tauranga/Mount Maunganui!

And there you have it, folks. My beautiful, splendin, amazing, fantabulous, delightful, eventful, jam-packed, well-travelled, tiring, super, mean mid-year break! (Well, most of it, anyways.. :p)

BACK TO STUDY ON  MONDAY! Wow a month does fly by when you're having fun! The posts shall continue, however... I will do my best to stay onto it.. ;) 

Stay fresh, peeps.
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