Monday, July 11, 2011

things i bought in hamilton.

Im back!!
Did you miss me? Of course you did! :p Well, I missed blogging, but to be honest, I was way too busy having too much fun with my bestie to even think about blogging ha.
My week long holiday in hamilton was great! Just what I needed - time away from normal life! haha (: Did mass amounts of shopping, ate delish food, has some mean experiences, laughed (alot!), spent way too much money, but made awesome new memories for sure! Shoutout to my bestie (read her blog here to see her opinions on our trip!) for the amazing time, and also for not getting us killed on the drive to, from and around our destination... ;p lol (jokes oi, you're a pro driver!)

Don't think I've ever shopped so much in my life!! For about 3 days in a row, we were returning home with heaps of bags filled with new purchases! Oh the joy of retail therapy! Decided to take many photos this week to capture all our "bloggable" moments. Including pretty much every item of clothing I bought... Heh.. Will give you  a small insight on the types of clothes I find to be pretty cool. (: (P:S: They look better when I'm wearing them rather than just hanging on the coat-hanger... OH and there are also some non-clothing items included too.)

^ Warm, cuddly jerseys which I bought from 2 different opshops! ($6 / $11)
^ Tweed jacket (love it!) $50, and a warm fleece type coat for $30.
^ Casual hoodie $30 and jacket $30.
^ 2 long sleeve tops (+ a black one not shown here) $10 each.
^ Finally got me some military boots - $50. 
^ And some other cool kicks - $24.

^ 2 skirts above - 2 for $30.
^ Bargain skirt! $5.

^ Bargain shorts! Both the same, just different colours - $5 each!
^Turband - $2 Scarf - $5.
^Cute headbands and bows! (Forgot the prices..)
^Bracelets - $1 each!
^Necklace - $7.50.
^ Freakin' awesome 'Peppermint' mags which I stumbled upon randomly, and just had to have! $11.95 each.

Phewf! Shopping is hard work... Makes you so tired by the end of it! I can vouch for the phrase "Shop til' you drop".. it's so true. :P I did buy a few other items, but did not feel the need to include them in this post... lol.


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  1. gaahhh JEALOUS!!! :P love them! esp the headbands and bows!and both the shoes!!


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