Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My blogging-regularly skills have started to decrease! Ah yes, tis disappointing but alas, I shall press on and do my best to post as regularly as I can. I will try to improve my effort on this. (:
Part of the reason of my slackness being: I know there are a trillion things I could post about on here, but sometimes, I get tired and lack inspiration... And looking through hundreds of images online gets a bit tedious at times, especially since there are hundreds that I absolutely love... too many to share on here even though I wish I could! Hmm...

I realise I do a lot of image posting mainly of stuff I've found on the net. I would like to do some other kind of posting, but images seem to be the easiest and most eye-catching. I'm just drawn to the visual! But I believe it is time to break into other areas to vamp this blog up and get things rolling! (: My bestie does the whole variation thing real well on her blog here.

Kayso, I'm really loving crafts at the moment, especially things that are vintage/floral themed. I'm determined to start getting more into doing crafts at some point as they look like great fun and so satisfying to make something beautiful by hand! Keen on trying to do some of my own stuff like this! (:

Ahh, people's creative minds are just amazing! Wowsers. I put up some How To craft videos up sometime if I find any good ones! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

yeah, chris! good stuff.

Haven't posted in ages, I know. /:
ANYWAYS, been doing some research for my studies lately.. Previously stumbled upon this guy, Chris Ballasiotes and his work. Love his stuff! So unique and inspirational. He works with type, watercolours, illustration and photography - areas I myself am largely interested in. Chose a few of his pieces found on his site to show on here. So mean! (:


Thursday, August 4, 2011

not much to say.

Don't have much to say today, really... So I shall let these pictures speak for me. (:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tell me something sweet to get me by.

So I just bought my very own set of watercolour paints yesterday. Now, you should know that I'm not a painter! I don't paint and lets just say I'm not that skilled in said area... But I am into my design and illustration so expanding my methods of creativity in my own practice is what I'm looking to do, as I am a graphics design student, if you didn't already know. I've seen some amazing illustrations/designs in the past which incorporate watercolour paints into the work, and they've fascinated & inspired me! So to show you what I'm blabbering on about, here's a selection of beautiful watercolour inclusive images as examples... (: Gosh it's amazing what you can do with this stuff...

I've already started making some of my own watercolour images, so as I do more, I will put them up on here for you to have a squizz at.. :p
Peace yo.
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