Friday, September 30, 2011

day-dreams of summer.

With the recent heightening of pressures and stress levels from study/course work, sometimes my mind enjoys the escape into day dreams of summer (carefree, fun, adventurous, excitement-filled summer!) especially on a sunny spring day such as today! *sigh*.. 7 weeks of course left to go! (However it shall go fast I know it, I have soooo much to do, argh..)

Some things about summer which I'm fully keen for include....

Strawberries and Chocolate

Warm evenings

Blue skies

Amazing Summer nights/adventures

Sleeping in!

Fun with friends

Doing lots of photography

Pretty summer things

Delicious icy-cold beverages

Summer Clothes/Accessories

Cooling off with the garden hose



Hanging out in the backyard

Sunset beach walks


Discovering cute/new things

YAY! Even more excited now after finding all these example pics! Bring on SUMMER! :D
P:S: Tomorrow is October!! Wow, this month has just flown by!

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