Thursday, September 15, 2011

food. money. music.

So today, I didn't go to my lecture... But for good reasons! My car had to go in for WOF today (passed yay!), then went and changed banks with the help of my parents, went to McCafe for lunch - had a delish hot choc as always, and a chicken wrap -, then at home, my dad assisted me in getting my IRD sorted and I FINALLLYYY got my owing tax back from the last 5 years!! $826.. STOKED!! :D And got it all done and sorted over the phone and only took about 25 mins (: Was so buzzing after that phonecall! Ha ha..

So lately, I've been addicted to a few songs (Yes, all by Anberlin!) in particular, just thought I really should share coz these are "Must-Hears"!

Anberlin// Unwinding Cable Car


Anberlin//Time and Confusion

Oh oh and a random on by The Script (I know it't kinda old but I can't stop listening to it! It's just sooo gorgeous and cute and catchy too!) >>

The Script//The Man Who Can't Be Moved 

Enjoy! :D xx.

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  1. Wow heaps of money! Best make the most of it! (aka come see me?) and yay for the last song - Looove it :)


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