Thursday, September 1, 2011

hello, september.

First blog post for the new month of September.
My, my, how this year has just flown by so far! Only 4 months left of 2011! Absolute craziness.
Some of my goals for this month include:

  • Keep updated with my blog! At least 3 times a week preferably.
  • Re-design or revamp the look of my blog.
  • Draw as often as I can.
  • Practice watercolour paiting.
  • Stay on task with my studies and work harder!
  • Improve my time management.
  • Hangout with my lovely friends as much as I can. <3
  • Write back to those who are waiting for an email from me!
  • Take more photos.
  • Have fun and laugh. Alot. 
Bit of a mixed bag of goals I realise, but lets hope I can work at these (and others not mentioned) this month to the best of my ability! (:

{P:S: Like my cool "hello, september" drawing at the top?.. Thannkks I did it myself, hehe. ;p}

Happy September, everyone! 

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