Sunday, October 23, 2011


Wowsers. Haven't done a blog post in almost 20 days! EEK. That is definitely NOT GOOD. :/ Suppose you could say my blog is like a plant. You need to feed it plant food and water it for it to grow and get better and be successful.. Haven't been doing much watering lately that's for sure.. :p
BUT I will tell you I have been busy with so many other things, and because of my desire to do interesting/cool/not boring posts, I end up feeling too pressured and then just put it off for another day. Silly silly mentality I know, coz it's highly probable that only like 3 people at the most ever read the stuff I post ha.. *sigh* But I do  love those 3 people and will endeavour to continue this blog to provide them with at least a half smile (mouth twitch even??) when they read these ramblings of mine. (: Not to mention the satisfaction I receive after completing a new post each time! Is a good feeling. Which is why I need and want to keep trying! So bear with me and my busy life.

To lighten the mood, everyone loves pictures of kitties...

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  1. Cat pictures always make me happy!



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