Friday, February 24, 2012


I don't really know what to blog about at the moment. Can't be bothered doing a detailed post right now.. Too much on my mind! Hmmmm. It's very hot so I'm finding it hard to concentrate. Pretty keen to just chill until 2pm which is when me, the bestie, and the bf are going on a roadtrip to Hamilton for the weekend. Should be fun. (: So, I needed to do a post before the weekend otherwise another week will go by and no blogging will be done! Not cool.

Anyways.... you ever feel like this sometimes?

Enjoy your weekend peeps.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ah, weddings. how sweet.

Recently I've been thinking about weddings (not marriage! There is a difference...) quite a bit. Mainly because I've been watching some wedding shows I enjoy on TV, and there are a couple of people who I know who have got engaged recently (not to each other! lol to different people). I love weddings! I think they are beautiful. (: I used to want to be a wedding photographer but due to a lack of belief/trust in myself, I have chosen to probably discard that career path... Hah. But I love going to weddings (even though I've only been to about 2 or 3 in my lifetime..) and seeing all the decorations and personal touches. I've got many ideas of cool things and sweet little details I'd love to have at my own wedding (which probably will not take place for at least another 5 years I would say! I'm NOT intending to get married soon just so you know.) However, I'm not going to lie, I am looking forward to  my own wedding in the future.

But for now, I will enjoy looking at and collecting lovely inspiring images for enjoyment and future reference. Here are some I've found on Style Me Pretty - Bridal Inspirations website:

So pretty :D. Beautiful table sets, amazing decorations, vintage place cards and photo frames, cute centre pieces, delicious food. I want! :P

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hello again.

Hello again.

Some interesting things have happened lately. The new semester started again on Monday, it went so much better than I expected as we didn't have to use our brains in any way, didn't do any work and basically just caught up with everyone again! It was awesome cause we all feel a bit like a family and reconnecting with everyone after the holidays felt so natural and happened so easily! It's only been 3 days back but it feels like way longer and we are already laughing and mucking around again as we get back into work mode. I love my classmates! (:
Valentine's day was yesterday. The bf and I had Pipi's pizza for dinner (YUM), some chocolate sponge pudding for desert, and just relaxed and hang out. Was very lovely and the card he made for me was super sweet.

Haven't really done much else in all honesty. Nothing worth sharing anyway. The most exciting thing that happened today was probably when my brother started his car (he was not sitting in it, just turned the ignition on while standing up) it drove into the garage door as he failed to check that he was in neutral when in fact, it was left in 1st gear. Lol. The sound the crash made was quite epic I must say. His car is totally fine. The garage door? Not so much. But apart from that, it was pretty funny I thought.

I noticed that there's quite a lot of pink on this blog as in the theme? But just so you know, I'm not one of those girly girls who are deeply into pinks and love all things pink and like crowns and key rings that say "Princess" on them. I just thought it went well with the grey you see. But I'm thinking about updating it sometime soon hopefully.

Dinner time now!
I bid thee goodnight.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

average saturday...

Nothing that interesting to share today. Went to work from 9AM til 2:30PM. It was rather gay. Someone ticked me off quite significantly.. I shall not say who or why, but I was very P'd off.. But I don't wish to turn this into a blog where I vent all my frustrations, so I shall say no more on the matter.
After work, I made a few purchases, returned home, then watched the American Idol encore screening  for like 2 hours with my parents purely because I couldn't be bothered doing anything else. Ha.

What does the rest of my night hold? Probably just more chillaxing/laziness to be honest. I always feel extra lazy on Saturdays... Personal flaw #918.

I shall leave you with this inspirational picture. Such wise words.

Until next time!

Friday, February 10, 2012

buns, dance and study.

Accidentally slept in til 1PM today.. OOPS.. But I had a late night last night. Was hanging with the bf, who was doing his first trial shift starting at 1AM this morning til 8:30AM, as a baker's apprentice! He really enjoyed the trial so he is starting on Monday! Needless to say, we are both happy he has a job and an income again. (: He came over this morning after his shift smelling delightfully like a sweet bread bun! Hehe. Omnomnom. :p

A close friend of mine suggested that we both take up a hip-hop dance class this year. At first I slightly scoffed at the idea, but then I started thinking about it and have been thinking about it ever since.. I admit I'm not a very active person, but one of my dreams has always been to be able to dance amazingly.. Sadly I know this will probably never happen in my lifetime! So all I can do is watch and admire the dancers with real talent! Anyways, about this dance class thingy, it''s actually really expensive and the place I would consider going to isn't that close by so I might flag the idea and think about casually attending a gym instead...for the first time in my life! LOL. P:S: No I'm not obese. Just a bit lazy... But I honestly really need to take control of my fitness this year and get way more active and healthy! I'm not trying to lose any weight though, but I'd like to try tone up a bit and get healthy on the inside. (:

The weather today? Overcast.

My plans for today? Try and do more than nothing. HA. Might do a bit of shopping for some things I need. I start the 3rd year of my Graphic Design degree on the 13th, THIS MONDAY!! Aaaah, I'm not looking forward to the stress and brain-frying that I know is going to take place as it is the final graduate year! Hope it goes super fast, I cannot WAIT to graduate and be done with this course for good! Hoping I pass.... I shall make updates on how it goes throughout the year.

My goal is to keep on blogging this year even when times get busy, I'll do my best. (:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

making my comeback.

I know I have neglected this blog for so long. It's been summer holidays and basically has been one of the last things on my mind. I feel I should start over again and get back into my blogging. Not that anyone really cares much but I still think it's a pretty cool thing to do. And my best friend is still keeping hers going and it's become the only blog I have made a point to read ha... So I have once again been inspired by her.
My problem with blogging continuously last year, I found, was my lack of ideas of things to actually blog about, so I resorted to just posting lovely pictures all the time.. This time round, I feel like I should take more time doing more word-only posts, with the occasional picture thrown in. More journal styles, I suppose. Ha. And more general thoughts on things.
It is a bit hard posting thoughts and words in journal style without exposing too much personal info, but I shall try and see how things go.

Bear with me, though, as posts may take a little while to get going...

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