Friday, February 10, 2012

buns, dance and study.

Accidentally slept in til 1PM today.. OOPS.. But I had a late night last night. Was hanging with the bf, who was doing his first trial shift starting at 1AM this morning til 8:30AM, as a baker's apprentice! He really enjoyed the trial so he is starting on Monday! Needless to say, we are both happy he has a job and an income again. (: He came over this morning after his shift smelling delightfully like a sweet bread bun! Hehe. Omnomnom. :p

A close friend of mine suggested that we both take up a hip-hop dance class this year. At first I slightly scoffed at the idea, but then I started thinking about it and have been thinking about it ever since.. I admit I'm not a very active person, but one of my dreams has always been to be able to dance amazingly.. Sadly I know this will probably never happen in my lifetime! So all I can do is watch and admire the dancers with real talent! Anyways, about this dance class thingy, it''s actually really expensive and the place I would consider going to isn't that close by so I might flag the idea and think about casually attending a gym instead...for the first time in my life! LOL. P:S: No I'm not obese. Just a bit lazy... But I honestly really need to take control of my fitness this year and get way more active and healthy! I'm not trying to lose any weight though, but I'd like to try tone up a bit and get healthy on the inside. (:

The weather today? Overcast.

My plans for today? Try and do more than nothing. HA. Might do a bit of shopping for some things I need. I start the 3rd year of my Graphic Design degree on the 13th, THIS MONDAY!! Aaaah, I'm not looking forward to the stress and brain-frying that I know is going to take place as it is the final graduate year! Hope it goes super fast, I cannot WAIT to graduate and be done with this course for good! Hoping I pass.... I shall make updates on how it goes throughout the year.

My goal is to keep on blogging this year even when times get busy, I'll do my best. (:


  1. NICE!! i like it! didnt know ur bf was starting to be a bakers apprentice tho??haha i cant see him doing a hip hop class that would be awesomly funny lol.

  2. Thanks "meee"! ;) Haha yea he is! and nah he wouldn't do the hip hop class, it was Jordan who suggested it! lol

  3. Hey nw it aint me and jess who wud do hip hop dancing, she means herself and jordan! Lol -the bf


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