Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hello again.

Hello again.

Some interesting things have happened lately. The new semester started again on Monday, it went so much better than I expected as we didn't have to use our brains in any way, didn't do any work and basically just caught up with everyone again! It was awesome cause we all feel a bit like a family and reconnecting with everyone after the holidays felt so natural and happened so easily! It's only been 3 days back but it feels like way longer and we are already laughing and mucking around again as we get back into work mode. I love my classmates! (:
Valentine's day was yesterday. The bf and I had Pipi's pizza for dinner (YUM), some chocolate sponge pudding for desert, and just relaxed and hang out. Was very lovely and the card he made for me was super sweet.

Haven't really done much else in all honesty. Nothing worth sharing anyway. The most exciting thing that happened today was probably when my brother started his car (he was not sitting in it, just turned the ignition on while standing up) it drove into the garage door as he failed to check that he was in neutral when in fact, it was left in 1st gear. Lol. The sound the crash made was quite epic I must say. His car is totally fine. The garage door? Not so much. But apart from that, it was pretty funny I thought.

I noticed that there's quite a lot of pink on this blog as in the theme? But just so you know, I'm not one of those girly girls who are deeply into pinks and love all things pink and like crowns and key rings that say "Princess" on them. I just thought it went well with the grey you see. But I'm thinking about updating it sometime soon hopefully.

Dinner time now!
I bid thee goodnight.

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