Saturday, February 11, 2012

average saturday...

Nothing that interesting to share today. Went to work from 9AM til 2:30PM. It was rather gay. Someone ticked me off quite significantly.. I shall not say who or why, but I was very P'd off.. But I don't wish to turn this into a blog where I vent all my frustrations, so I shall say no more on the matter.
After work, I made a few purchases, returned home, then watched the American Idol encore screening  for like 2 hours with my parents purely because I couldn't be bothered doing anything else. Ha.

What does the rest of my night hold? Probably just more chillaxing/laziness to be honest. I always feel extra lazy on Saturdays... Personal flaw #918.

I shall leave you with this inspirational picture. Such wise words.

Until next time!

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