Friday, March 30, 2012

photo friday: before the ball.

I've never actually photographed a wedding in my few years of doing photography, but last year, I did the before-the-ball photography for my friend's final high-school ball, which is slightly similar in some ways. I also did her makeup too and I must say she looked beautiful! I had fun taking a few snaps of her and her ball parter before she headed off like a princess to the main event. These are some of my faves out of the approximate 200 shots I took... hehe.

I'll put some more of my photography work up throughout the weeks to come. Hope you like them! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

21 things i own.

Today, I welcome you to experience a sneak-peek of a few of the objects I am blessed to own. I love, enjoy and am very grateful and happy to have the following...

 1. My Vera Wang 'Princess' perfume. Delish!
 2. This candle cupcake. So cute.
 3. This stylish owl ring.
 4. This wonderfully pink Sony point-and-shoot camera.
 5. My keys (and mainly the car/front door to my house which they operate!)
 6. My old but trusty pair of jandals.
7. My necklaces (and all my jewellery in general!)
 8. My lime green iPod! Absolute love this thing.
 9. This super cute magnet bookmark.
 10. This yummy 'hot cross bun' chocolate marshmallow.
11. My black bow clip.
 12. My water bottle which follows me to course and work.
13. My soft, warm, white scarf.
 14. These bags which I love.
 15. My purple EyeStudio set from Maybelline.
 16. This Q & A a Day 5 Year Journal which records interesting things from my life over a span of 5 years.
 17. My cellular device. (Even though it can be frustrating at times, I still can't really function without it for long!)
 18. My room television which I enjoy watching DVDs on (:
 19. My copy of 'Le petit Nicolas'!
20. This absolutely gorgeous box which contain a tub of delightful blue body butter, smells lovely!
21. This DIY painted photo frame and the photo inside it which I love, of me and two of my bestest, loveliest, most incredibly friends.. ;) x

Of course, there are many, many more things which I own that I absolutely love and cherish (even more than some of the things shown above!) But I wanted to show a varying range of things I own which I come into contact with or see everyday. All objects were photographed by me in my room. (: 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what i've been getting up to.

As you may or may not know, I am currently in my final, graduate year of my degree (Visual Arts/Design). For my current studio project, I am attempting to develop and build up my own illustration/drawing style; one that I can be proud of and enjoy doing. I also am practicing drawing at the moment in order to get better at it and improve my skills! I've been filling up a visual sketch book with an range of various drawings as part of this current project, and I thought why not share a few with you! (: 

(Note: Images have been edited in Photoshop in order to give them a unified look.)

This last one was done with pen ink and watercolour. The rest were drawn in pencil.
Any thoughts? 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new look? yes please!

Hello all!
So as you may or may not have noticed, I've used my design knowledge and skill to revamp and renovate the entire look of my blog! Including the colour scheme and style. (I was getting a bit bored and was less than satisfied with the old look!) I still want to add several other things to the blog as a whole, but it takes a while to make such changes! Therefore, I will continue the revamp and renovate over the days to come and hopefully by the end of it I will have top-notch-looking blog which I can surely be proud of!

 So please stay tuned and check in to see how things develop over here in my little corner of the web... I've got big plans... ;)

What do you guys think of the new look??

Sunday, March 25, 2012

stay creative.

Was blog searching today and came across this short vid which I feel should be shared. (:

Found this video on this blog.
Some useful ideas here!

Friday, March 23, 2012

long love.

It was my parents' 27th wedding anniversary today. Wow. That is a rather long time, over half way to 50 years! :p Which I know they will make it to, if they remain on this earth! (: I was also watching a show on TV today where this guy renovated this house which about 12 old people shared with one lady to take care of them etc, but it wasn't an old age home though. Anyways, some of the old people on there were so cute! So, my parents anniversary plus watching that show got me thinking a bit today how I want to share my life with that one special person and one person only forever. Even when we are old and wrinkly and grey, and not that pretty to look at (lol everyone ages, people!), I still want to be totally and deeply in love with him, and him with me, til the day I die! And this is something I believe is worthwhile, 'cause in the end one could earn tonnes of money, or experience countless wonders of the world, but to me, it seems a little bit empty if there's no special someone there to love unconditionally and cherish, and to love more and more every single day til the end. <3


Sooo cute. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

how to make your own cute rings.

I recently made a ring for my bestie's birthday. She apparently loved it and asked me how to make them so I thought, why not do a blog post tutorial on how to make them... So here goes!

                                                      Ring bases, pendants and glue.

Step by Step Tutorial
Step 1: Glue the flat surface of the ring. Put an even layer of glue on the surface. 
Step 2: Grab your chosen pendant which you want to be the top of your ring. Place it carefully on top of the glue-covered surface of the ring.
 Step 3: Hold the two parts together firmly until the glue dries. 
Step 4: Size the ring to fit you. Wear! :D
 Simple as that! Enjoy! 

P:S: If anyone would like me to custom make a ring for them, please comment on this post with what you would like + your email address, and I'll do my best to get one out to you for just a few dollars (NZ).
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