Thursday, March 29, 2012

21 things i own.

Today, I welcome you to experience a sneak-peek of a few of the objects I am blessed to own. I love, enjoy and am very grateful and happy to have the following...

 1. My Vera Wang 'Princess' perfume. Delish!
 2. This candle cupcake. So cute.
 3. This stylish owl ring.
 4. This wonderfully pink Sony point-and-shoot camera.
 5. My keys (and mainly the car/front door to my house which they operate!)
 6. My old but trusty pair of jandals.
7. My necklaces (and all my jewellery in general!)
 8. My lime green iPod! Absolute love this thing.
 9. This super cute magnet bookmark.
 10. This yummy 'hot cross bun' chocolate marshmallow.
11. My black bow clip.
 12. My water bottle which follows me to course and work.
13. My soft, warm, white scarf.
 14. These bags which I love.
 15. My purple EyeStudio set from Maybelline.
 16. This Q & A a Day 5 Year Journal which records interesting things from my life over a span of 5 years.
 17. My cellular device. (Even though it can be frustrating at times, I still can't really function without it for long!)
 18. My room television which I enjoy watching DVDs on (:
 19. My copy of 'Le petit Nicolas'!
20. This absolutely gorgeous box which contain a tub of delightful blue body butter, smells lovely!
21. This DIY painted photo frame and the photo inside it which I love, of me and two of my bestest, loveliest, most incredibly friends.. ;) x

Of course, there are many, many more things which I own that I absolutely love and cherish (even more than some of the things shown above!) But I wanted to show a varying range of things I own which I come into contact with or see everyday. All objects were photographed by me in my room. (: 


  1. so cute! i want to get that 5-years questions and answers book. such a good idea!


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