Tuesday, March 6, 2012

21 things to be happy about.

Hello again faithful readers. I hath returned once again. Due to A LOT happening in my personal life lately, I haven't got round to blogging pretty much at all in the past 2 weeks. Apologies!

There has been a lot of sadness and gloomy moods going around lately... with pretty much everyone. Which happens coz life sucks at times!  ):  
SO, it's always good to be reminded sometimes that there are actually a vast number of things to be happy about! (: 
Some which I have found...

1. How music can be amazing and the feeling it can give us at times is hard to put into words. 

2. The love that pets can have for their owners and vice versa.

3. The ability to find out almost anything we need to know on the internet

4. Our ability and opportunity to show love and care to others.

5. The sound of pouring rain on the roof.

6. The brilliance of nature which surrounds us everyday! Go on, look outside the window... or in the National Geographic!

7. Everyday technology that makes our lives 100 times easier than before it was invented. eg, the computer, mobile phones, dishwasher!

8. Delicious, fantastic food and how there seems to be an infinity of different foods and dishes to discover, make or try! 

9. The fact that we have taste buds.

10. Knowing that any tough time or struggle we may be going through, chances are there is someone else in the world going through WAY, WAY worse.

11. Being able to smile, giggle, laugh, or laugh uncontrollable til our stomachs hurt. Humour and funny things are everywhere!

12. That wonderful feeling of getting a full night's rest or having a really great nap.

13. Finding really awesome items that you want on sale

14. Witnessing rare occurrences

15. People who are kind, sweet, loving, caring, supportive, nice, considerate, gentle, thoughtful, uplifting, encouraging, generous, understanding or loyal towards us.

16. Life opportunities; being able to choose to do great things in the world, our lives and in the lives of others. 

17. Knowing that all of us is perfectly able to do at least one things that will help another person in need, make someone else's life even just a tiny bit easier, or make someone smile.

18. The opportunity to travel almost anywhere in the world, explore different cultures and locations or learn other languages.  

19. Having a really lovely dream while asleep.

20. The fact that absolutely nothing on earth or in the heavens can separate us from the mind-blowing, massive, beautiful LOVE God has for every single human being on the planet! :D 

21. Cute, funny, colourful, true, smile-creating images such as these...

Smile, love! (:


I appreciate every single comment so THANK YOU for leaving one! You are all so sweet and encouraging! :D x x

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