Wednesday, March 14, 2012

how to make your own cute rings.

I recently made a ring for my bestie's birthday. She apparently loved it and asked me how to make them so I thought, why not do a blog post tutorial on how to make them... So here goes!

                                                      Ring bases, pendants and glue.

Step by Step Tutorial
Step 1: Glue the flat surface of the ring. Put an even layer of glue on the surface. 
Step 2: Grab your chosen pendant which you want to be the top of your ring. Place it carefully on top of the glue-covered surface of the ring.
 Step 3: Hold the two parts together firmly until the glue dries. 
Step 4: Size the ring to fit you. Wear! :D
 Simple as that! Enjoy! 

P:S: If anyone would like me to custom make a ring for them, please comment on this post with what you would like + your email address, and I'll do my best to get one out to you for just a few dollars (NZ).


  1. where did my comment go? i said very creative babe :) x

  2. thats really cool! but where do you buy the ring bases?

  3. At a shop in Napier, NZ, called St.Beads! (:

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