Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i was ravenous after cleaning my room.

Most of my day was spent rearranging my once disorganised, cluttered, filthy mess of a room into a spacious, clean, organised and pleasant place to be in! Only took a mere 5 hours... I was so focussed on getting it done, I sorted the whole thing out non-stop without any breaks, and by the end of it, I was sore, exhausted and ravenous!! Utterly starving. So as soon as the finishing touches were complete, I headed straight to the pantry! As dinner wouldn't be ready for at least another hour and a half, I found some biscuits and literally scoffed about 5 down one after the other. Still wasn't satisfied however... A banana, buttered bread slice, another biscuit and a mug of milo later, my ravenous-ness was at last suppressed. I could finally relax for pretty much the first time all day!
We are having home-made pizzas tonight. Yum. (:
P:S: My room looks sooo much better now! Yussss. I will be able to focus much more on doing work at home now and hopefully I will be less stressed too with a nice, tidy room!

<< Random picture to suit the feeling of satisfaction I had after cleaning and arranging my bedroom. (:

Goodbye for now. x.


  1. you wont eat all ur dinner snacking that much so close to dinner time hahaha

  2. Don't worry I saved enough room for dinner lol!

  3. awesome babe nw we both have clean rooms :) x


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