Friday, March 23, 2012

long love.

It was my parents' 27th wedding anniversary today. Wow. That is a rather long time, over half way to 50 years! :p Which I know they will make it to, if they remain on this earth! (: I was also watching a show on TV today where this guy renovated this house which about 12 old people shared with one lady to take care of them etc, but it wasn't an old age home though. Anyways, some of the old people on there were so cute! So, my parents anniversary plus watching that show got me thinking a bit today how I want to share my life with that one special person and one person only forever. Even when we are old and wrinkly and grey, and not that pretty to look at (lol everyone ages, people!), I still want to be totally and deeply in love with him, and him with me, til the day I die! And this is something I believe is worthwhile, 'cause in the end one could earn tonnes of money, or experience countless wonders of the world, but to me, it seems a little bit empty if there's no special someone there to love unconditionally and cherish, and to love more and more every single day til the end. <3


Sooo cute. 

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