Friday, March 9, 2012

things i wish i could be or do.

There are several things I wish I could do or be at some point in my life if money, ability, time, effort, skill, knowledge, location or opportunity all weren't an issue!

1. Dancer - I wish I could be an amazingly talented dancer, traveling the world, keeping amazingly fit, and having a blast all at the same time. (P:S: I can't dance at all.)

2. Wedding planner - It would be such a rewarding job seeing everything you've planned come together on the final day!

3. Photographer - I love photographing people mostly. I would love be a fashion or wedding photographer (or both?) having opportunities to photograph people/beautiful things everyday. 


4. Make-Up Artist - I already enjoy doing people's makeup, making them look all pretty hehe, and I've had experience doing this several times for ball make-up, photo shoots and on myself. (: Would be amazing to be a make-up artist for celebrities, models, movies or even just weddings etc. 

5. Piano Player - Probably not for a job, but I would love to be an absolute PRO on piano, able to play anything. (P:S: I know nothing about playing piano.)

6. A Professional Traveller - How cool would it be to just travel the world and see new things for a job?!

7. An Author - I so badly want to write a book one day and have it published (and maybe even sold to the public!) although I have no idea what I would write about.

8. BRILLIANT SUPER FANTASTIC TALENTED illustrator/artist/designer/drawer/creator - Um, yeah. Not gonna happen... :/ 


*Sigh*. Wonder what I will ACTUALLY end up doing with my life......... Only God knows, at this point!


  1. remember you can do anything u put ur mind to! ANYTHING :)

  2. ^^^ Agreed! Love the Paris photo, it's actually on my Tumblr page :)

  3. Love this blog! :) im gonna put thee wedding decoration pics in my wedding ideas folder lol Love all these ideas of things to do- gotta have some aspirations :) BTW you already are a BRILLIANT SUPER FANTASTIC TALENTED illustrator/ artist/ designer/ drawer/ creator!!!!! xoxoxo
    Love ya.Mata.

  4. Thank you guys so much! Love you all :D xx

  5. Thanks for the kind words on my blog, it's always very appreciated. I like this post but remember, if there's something you want to do, just try it! You may end up not liking it or finding something you really love, but you'll never know unless you try. :) xox


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