Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what i've been getting up to.

As you may or may not know, I am currently in my final, graduate year of my degree (Visual Arts/Design). For my current studio project, I am attempting to develop and build up my own illustration/drawing style; one that I can be proud of and enjoy doing. I also am practicing drawing at the moment in order to get better at it and improve my skills! I've been filling up a visual sketch book with an range of various drawings as part of this current project, and I thought why not share a few with you! (: 

(Note: Images have been edited in Photoshop in order to give them a unified look.)

This last one was done with pen ink and watercolour. The rest were drawn in pencil.
Any thoughts? 


  1. Beautiful!!! I love the feather. I've been really wanting a feather tattoo. Think you could draw a cute one up for me????

  2. wow your sketches are amazing. My favorite is the candle and also the feather. keepp it up. You're very talented. Love your blog as well.

  3. That feather is amazing! I'm also loving that candle. Your shading technique is wonderful.

  4. Wow thankyou all so much! Very much appreciate the lovely comments! I'll be sure to check out all your blogs too haha (: x

  5. soo talented babe, very proud :) xx


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