Sunday, April 1, 2012

my (failed) attempt at doing a DIY project.

{{Happy 1st of April everyone!}}
I'm slightly disheartened at the moment as I really  wanted to do a DIY tutorial post today on how to do or make [insert cool DIY item here] with an old floral print blouse. You see, I found this old blouse in my wardrobe which I never, ever wear. It's pretty to look at for sure, but not so pretty when it's worn unfortunately. Anyway, it inspired me to make something pretty and/or vintage looking or just something clever, however everything I tried to do with it failed. Rather miserably. I tried to turn it into a wall feature. Fail. Cut off the side strap ties and tried to make them into a headband, bracelet or a hanging ceiling feature. Fail. I also had a few other DIY ideas involving old jewellery, vintage books, or a tissue box. Nothing was good enough. *SIGH* So disappointed. After about an hour of failed or useless DIY attempts/idea generation, I just couldn't come up with anything worth sharing so I decided to just be perfectly open and honest, and just simply share with you my inability to be cleverly creative with an old blouse or any of the other said items. Maybe today just isn't my day for DIY, or perhaps DIY just isn't a subject I should try to blog about very often... Haaa. 
 Here are some tutorials I thought were quite lovely! Click on the image to see how it's done... (:
(And yes, I know all but one of these are found on 'Oh, Sweet Joy!', but I just really love that blog! Hehe.)

Would love to have a sewing machine so I'd be able to try a few of these out!

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