Tuesday, April 17, 2012

this was my tuesday.

I'm in a little bit of a lazy mood today and have decided to try doing a blog post off my phone using the blogger app which I downloaded free from the android market. (: Shall see how easy it is...
So far today, I woke up with a semi-head cold after having a sore throat yesterday. So not fun. ):
I had a little bit of a sleep in then got up, "broke the fast" with some breakfast, got ready then proceeded over to Muffin Break to meet my two wonderful, dearest friends for some lunch and a well-needed catchup! They had just been down in the south island, Dunedin, and so i got to hear all about their interesting weekend... That was lovely and quite intriguing too.. The boysenberry muffin and chocolate  milkshake I had were delicious too! (:
At home, I decided to relax and actually read a book for once instead of watching a movie or TV, my usual defaults.. Haha :p I read for an hour, this book called The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory. It's pretty good so far! (:
After that, although being a bit tired, I was motivated enough to do an hour and fifteen minutes worth of some course work, since I've hardly done any so far these holidays! So I was quite proud of myself for that..hehe.
Also painted my nails black today as I bought a new nail polish and had previously lost my old black paint, so haven't been able to paint my nails black for ages! I love black nails, so classy, edgy and rather chic I say. ;)
Haven't done much else today, but its been a pleasant one! Hopefully the rest of the night goes well too. Spag bol for dinner and hopefully get to see my boy later too. (:
Hope you all had a wonderful day! :D

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