Tuesday, April 3, 2012

what i intend to do this year.

Goals are good. When we set goals, we know what to work towards and what we want to achieve, which in turn helps us to do things we wish to do or to get to a certain point. (: As long as we achieve most of the goals we set for ourselves, we usually feel pretty good about them.. ;) In saying this, I have decided to post a list of things I would like to achieve or do this year (in no particular order of importance)...

  • Read at least 1 fiction book. I need to read more and by "more" I mean more than just a few chapters a year....... ahem.
  • Keep this blog up to date and do at least 3-4 posts per week every week. Gotta keep my lovely readers happy ;)
  • Do a significant amount of various photography shoots
  • Manage my time better when it comes to doing course assignments.
  • Get a tattoo.
  • Learn to cook at least 4 new dinner meals and 2 deserts. (Yeah, I never cook to be honest. Not good.)
  • Keep growing my hair out long. Resist the urge to keep dying it black. (I want to grow out the black so I can dye it a deep, dark red one day!)
  • Save up at least 3 grand in my savings account. 
  • Improve my wardrobe and enhance my fashion style.
  • Make more handmade birthday gifts for family and friends.
  • Get a bookshelf in my room for all my books and magazines!
  • Go to a theatre production. 
  • Refrain from getting any library book fines. 
  • Learn something new (almost) everyday.
  • Eat something new that I have never tried before.
  • Go to a place (town, city) that I have never been to before.
  • Stay committed to going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week and get my money's worth out of it! I need to get my fitness up... (I can't even run for like 1 minute straight without needing a break to catch my breath. Shameful.)
  • Remember the birthdays of everyone important to me.
  • Create and produce a final end-of-year course project that I am happy with and can be proud of.
  • Gather some idea as to what I will be doing with my life next year
  • Keep on drawing closer in my personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and continue to follow in His ways. (and this, to me, is the most important thing on this list!)
  • Continue to learn to be a patient, loving and selfless person. (:
  • Improve my friendships/relationships that I have with everyone close to me! (Be a better friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister etc.)
  • Bake some goodies occasionally.
  • Buy a new pair of good shoes. 

And well that is all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there are several more I could add... Anyways, this is all for now, these should keep me busy for the year! Haha. :p

What's one thing you'd like to do this year?


  1. If you haven't already, I recommend reading We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver! Amazing book :D (this year I'm reading 52 books heh)

    1. WOW I am amazed by you reading 52 books, one a week! That is mind-blowing to me haha.. Good job emma ! lol

  2. good luck w/ your list!! i def want to improve my fashion wardrobe as well!!

  3. you are a doll and so lovely! i love this post! xo

    1. Aw thankyou for that! Sweet comment :D xo


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