Thursday, April 26, 2012

will i ever find a tea i like?

I'm a coffee person. For most of my life I've avoided tea. My dislike for this beverage all started when I was in class, maybe about 9 years old or so, and the teacher accidentally spilt her mug of milky tea all over the wooden floor... and the smell was disgusting! It made me feel sick. And so ever since then, I've hated tea.

But lately, I've been thinking about tea: its health benefits, and how I'd like to enjoy this hot drink occasionally, if only I liked it! So my new mission is to try several different teas and discover one I actually like! There has to be one out there right?? After all there are like a million flavours (well not quite that many, but you get the exaggeration) available..

Therefore, tonight, I rummaged through a tin of randomly collected tea bag testers, and decided to try a pomegranate, rasberry and green tea with one added sugar. First impression? Ew. But after continuing consumption, I started to find it alright, surprisingly! My mission is off to a good start. (:

What's your favourite tea, hmm?

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  1. I hate tea, but I LOVE Teza! You should try it (specifically, you should try Velvetberry). Amazing.


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