Thursday, May 31, 2012

i want a bookshelf.

These coming holidays, I am determined to get a bookshelf for my room! I don't really care what it's like, just want something relatively nice/cool/visually acceptable to put my ever growing stash of art/design/illustration books and magazines as well as any other fiction/non-fiction books I've got. Right now, they are all spread out in different places around my room and I would love it if they were all together in one easily accessible place! I've got a perfect spot to put a bookshelf in my room too. Can't wait! 

I found these examples pretty lovely! Visual inspiration is always good. ;)

Wow those stairs! If only I were rich... :p

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I personally would like to get a tattoo. And this may become a reality pretty soon as I may be getting a particular one done with 2 of my bestest friends in the world, in honour of our unbreakable friendship. I am really excited but quite nervous! Hopefully all 3 of us go through with it once the mid-year break arrives... ;) I reckon getting a tattoo is about getting something that is special, meaningful and something that you are never going to get sick of or regret, since it's permanent. For me, my faith is a massive part of who I am and is extremely important to me and my life, so I would like to get something faith-related eventually at some point after the friendship one I'll be getting first. And personally, I would want any tattoo I get to be honourable to my God, and display good character in myself also! (: While we are on the topic, I'll show you some examples of tattoos which I quite like.

Just a reminder, these are just some tats I like, not necessarily the exact locations or sizes of them. (:

Have you got a tattoo? What is it and where did you get it? 

Monday, May 28, 2012

black and silver nails.

So I love nail polish right. I wish I could paint my nails a different colour everyday but unfortunately I do not have enough time or patience for that. Sometimes I even go weeks without any nail polish on at all. I know, right. Shocking. So yesterday I felt particularly inspired to do something different with my nails rather than just go for the usual black or pink or orange. I had some free time (crazily enough!) and decided to have a go at a french manicure with a twist... ;)
I chose an OPI silver (Birthday Babe) and an Australis black, and got to work...

I first painted my nails with 2 coats of silver and let them dry. Then I took some manicure strips, placed them over the silver and painted the tips black, and removed the strips. Once these were dry, I painted a clear coat over the top and waited once again for them to dry. They didn't turn out too bad, I must say! Not the neatest job in the world but then again, they never are. I'm not a nail technician or anything okay. But they feel quite nice and smooth and at certain angles they look pretty cool! I'd like to try this method again using different colours. (:

Ta-da! Hope you like? As you can see, not the neatest or smoothest or most even, but not tooooo bad for my first attempt. Here's what I kinda wished they looked more like... lol.

Ohwell, allllgoooood! ;)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

this was the auckland trip.

Most sincerest apologies ever for being absent from here for so long! Excuses: Had to write a seminar, present seminar, been staying late at tech pretty much everyday doing lots of work 'til at least after 5pm up to 8:45pm (even went in yesterday evening - a Saturday - for 3 hours!), assignments due next week and also the week after, lots more work to be finished, went to Auckland for 4 days with my course people to attend a 2-day conference and had to recovered from the trip... So that's basically been my life so far in a medium-sized nutshell! Haven't even been able to keep up with reading most of the blogs I follow (apart from a select few that I can never resist ;) hehe). So, in saying all this, please accept my apologies and bestow your forgiveness upon me! Cool thanks.

Here is a fast run down of my Auckland Trip weekend in a few photographs. (:

Snow on the mountains! Taken while on the trip to our destination.
Shopping was very necessary when in Auckland, down Queen Street in particular. Their Glassons store is UH-MAY-ZING! Goes on for miles and decorated in many different and beautiful ways all throughout the store!
Queen Street, Auckland Glassons? Mind blown.
On the first night, a few of us went to Tanuki's Cave for dinner. 
 Japanese Cuisine. I had chicken and sea weed strips on rice. Was actually really nice! (:
The design conference (Semi-Permanent) venue - The Aotea Centre. 
 A quick snapshot with the lovely Rosina. (I'm on the left.)
 Inside the heart of the venue. Such a mean atmosphere and almost 2000 attendees apparently.
 The stage.
Everyone made paper planes and launched them all at the same time for one of the speaker's fun demonstration.
Went to this one Japanese store, Daiso, where everything is $3.50. This store has EVERYTHING. Reminded me of my time I spent in Japan when I was 12!
Saturday night. Hanging out in the dorms...
Later on that same Saturday night. Enough said.
Sunday morning visit to the Auckland Art Gallery - which was huge - to see many many artworks. Followed by some Burger King for lunch. Had to be done.
Then finally on the road back home again! Got back after dark so was cool to see the sky change colours and the sun go down during the journey. (:


Overall, it was a great trip with several good times and good memories made with fellow classmates, all of whom are so great. We all are honestly like family, it's awesome! :D

P:S: Please be aware (once again) - May not also be able to do much blogging this next coming week or two due to the looming due dates of all my assignments. Eek... Cannot wait for the mid-year break! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

be back soon.

Hello lovlies!
Sincerest apologies for my absence from blogging for the past week! As I mentioned before, I have been working on my research seminar (on styles of illustration) which I performed today. It went well and I'm pleased with how it went and what I presented! (:

Tomorrow, I am heading over to Auckland with my classmates for a design seminar called Semi-Permanent. We are staying there for 3 nights and return Sunday night which means I shall be absent from regular posting here for a few more days yet! But never fear, I promise I shall return to posting often from next week onwards! And I'll let you know how the trip to Auckland goes, too..

I wish you all a lovely weekend! (:
I'll be back. . . ;)

Fair thee well!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

oh, the awesomeness.

Hey peoples, apologies for my absence these past couple of days! Had a busy weekend and since I have a research seminar due next week, I'll be working on that quite a lot until it's over, so might not get to post as often this week, but I shall try! Also, I've been a bit distracted by the awesomeness that is Pinterest. You know it. Sooo much amazing content there, blows my mind and overwhelms me at times! :p It's also a great tool as since I'm doing a graphic design degree, I can find research/inspiration easily, save the images I find onto the appropriate boards rather than saving them all into a folder on the computer and taking up space! And they will all be there in one place whenever I need to look through them again. And our tutors have told us that we can present our Pinterest as a platform of research in our work! Bonus! :D Defs going to be doing that.

I've added a 'Follow me on Pinterest' button on the side of my blog over there to the right. Yeah that one! So if you have an account, follow meeee please and thankyou! ;) 

Here are some of my fave pics at the moment which I've repinned recently...

As you can see, there's quite a variation of content! My boards are just collections of images/objects/ideas/things which I love and also collectively share a bit of my personality too. (: If you aren't a member of Pinterest, just have a look at my boards anyway if you wish, and see what inspires me!

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