Wednesday, May 16, 2012

be back soon.

Hello lovlies!
Sincerest apologies for my absence from blogging for the past week! As I mentioned before, I have been working on my research seminar (on styles of illustration) which I performed today. It went well and I'm pleased with how it went and what I presented! (:

Tomorrow, I am heading over to Auckland with my classmates for a design seminar called Semi-Permanent. We are staying there for 3 nights and return Sunday night which means I shall be absent from regular posting here for a few more days yet! But never fear, I promise I shall return to posting often from next week onwards! And I'll let you know how the trip to Auckland goes, too..

I wish you all a lovely weekend! (:
I'll be back. . . ;)

Fair thee well!

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I appreciate every single comment so THANK YOU for leaving one! You are all so sweet and encouraging! :D x x

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