Monday, May 28, 2012

black and silver nails.

So I love nail polish right. I wish I could paint my nails a different colour everyday but unfortunately I do not have enough time or patience for that. Sometimes I even go weeks without any nail polish on at all. I know, right. Shocking. So yesterday I felt particularly inspired to do something different with my nails rather than just go for the usual black or pink or orange. I had some free time (crazily enough!) and decided to have a go at a french manicure with a twist... ;)
I chose an OPI silver (Birthday Babe) and an Australis black, and got to work...

I first painted my nails with 2 coats of silver and let them dry. Then I took some manicure strips, placed them over the silver and painted the tips black, and removed the strips. Once these were dry, I painted a clear coat over the top and waited once again for them to dry. They didn't turn out too bad, I must say! Not the neatest job in the world but then again, they never are. I'm not a nail technician or anything okay. But they feel quite nice and smooth and at certain angles they look pretty cool! I'd like to try this method again using different colours. (:

Ta-da! Hope you like? As you can see, not the neatest or smoothest or most even, but not tooooo bad for my first attempt. Here's what I kinda wished they looked more like... lol.

Ohwell, allllgoooood! ;)

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