Saturday, May 5, 2012

my healthy food week: conclusion!

It's officially over people! It's been a rather interesting week doing this healthy food detox... Firstly, as you know, I made up the conditions myself to suit my own eating habits. Secondly, just to confirm, my motivations for doing this food plan were in no way weight related. I have no idea if I've lost/gained weight this week, as we don't even own working bathroom scales... But that doesn't bother me really!
After eating healthy all week, I feel pretty much the same as I usually do when I eat normally. However, because I consciously know I've been eating better, I do feel a bit healthier knowing that I've treated my body pretty well this week. I thought that once this detox was over, I'd be keen to eat heaps of all the lovely treats I've missed out on (chocolate, lollies, fizzy, takeaways etc) but I'm a bit surprised as, in a way, I still feel like eating healthy or healthier at least! Although I cannot see or feel any visible or dramatic changes in myself physically or mentally, I think that upping the healthiness in my day-to-day diet (without being as drastic as this past week!) will still be beneficial. After all, they do say even small changes to your eating habits can make a significant difference. (: 

After doing this detox, I just don't see how people can go on diets where they limit what they consume so drastically to try lose weight. To me, that is just silly, 'cause after the diet, I'm sure they'd just put all the weight back on? I believe in a balanced (but not so strict) diet where it's good to eat salads, and home cooked meals, fruit and veges and drink lots of water etc etc, but it's also okay to have that piece of cake, a cup of coffee, some chocolate, a muffin or slice, or whatever as long as you don't over-indulge! (Everything in moderation is my motto!) Treat yourself, people! You deserve it! There is nothing wrong with a treat or two each day. You've just got to do what works well for you as everyone is different. Just remember that some amounts of fats, sugars and carbs are actually good for you, and cutting them all out of your diet is not going to be that good or fun for that matter... As you can probably tell, I'm not a qualified nutritionist or Doctor Oz or anything, but this is just my take on things when it comes to eating and food so bear with me if you're interested! (: I also think that its really important to have a sufficient breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as smaller snacks throughout the day. Snacking throughout the day can actually increase your metabolism apparently! Not eating anything throughout the day and only having like breakfast and dinner is a no-no, as your body will do what it can to reserve energy to keep you going through the day. And this means that your metabolism will slow down and weight will be harder to lose.

I realise that I've pretty much written an essay here lol, so to conclude: don't do drastic dieting, don't overindulge on food but don't starve yourself either! Eat healthy most of the time and exercise, but don't stress and worry about food and what you will eat/have eaten so much that it negatively affects your moods, emotions, quality of life and relationships with others. Treat yourself to something everyday, and remember... everything in moderation! :D

Oh! Today after work, I got into some baking again and whipped up some Oatmeal, Peanut Butter and Banana cookies and some Pumpkin Muffins

 The cookies came out okay, but I guess I tend to prefer sweeter cookies.

 The muffins are great, especially with some butter in the middle!  (Had to use pumpkin and sweetcorn baby food puree as there was no canned pumpkin puree on its own, but this makes no difference to the taste, they still are delightful!) Will definitely make them again.

Well that's all from me for today! Hope you have a delicious weekend my lovelies. ;)

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