Wednesday, May 2, 2012

my healthy food week: day 3.

[Day 2 UPDATE!] Okay so last night, I made the spaghetti bolognese that I said I was going to make, and it turned out great with the help of my lovely mother hehe... So pleased! Was delish! :D Took a photo for you so you could see that I'm not faking it ;)

I also did not have peaches, tea or popcorn like I thought I would have for night time snackage. Instead, enjoyed a small slice of this apricot and custard bread thing that was oh so yummy but probably shouldn't have been consumed.. but hey, it wasn't on the 'yes' or 'no' list so thought 'what the heck' and I let myself have it... ;) All goooods!

Day 3:
WOW was it a chiller day! SoOo freezing.. Therefore, I started my day off with a cup of Rooibos tea, followed by my usual weetbix breakfast. Then later on for lunch, I had an apple, toast with butter, some almonds and strawberry yoghurt, pretty much the same as what I've been having the past 2 days really. For afternoon tea, I had another cup of tea and 4 crackers ('Country Cheese') with cheese slices ontop. Dinner should be ready in about half and hour I hope, as I am getting quite hungry right about now. . . We are having an oven pie: steak and cheese I think. Can't wait! I'm thinking tinned peaches for desert afterwards. And what shall I snack on later tonight, you ask? Well, probably just some popcorn and maybe even a 3rd cup of tea! (I drink it black - no milk - with 1 small teaspoon of sugar so it passes thee test! lol) I did attend the gym today like I said I would so that was good. Was tempted to get some chicken and chips takeout with the boyfriend for lunch, but resisted. He got some just for himself instead lol. I am so excited to have chocolate again once this week plan is over! Oh, Chocolate, my love, I miss thee.

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  1. Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog!
    It made my day :)
    Yum! Spag bol is my fave!! Looks delicious!!


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