Thursday, May 3, 2012

my healthy food week: day 4.

Day 4:
Wow I'm feeling the cravings for all things chocolatey, greasy, sugary and fatty right about now! Waiting for dinner and I am HUNGRY. Argh. :/

Started my day with the usual 3 weetbix. For lunch I had the usual 2 pieces of toast with butter, a banana, almonds, an apple, strawberry yoghurt and a cup of tea. I had a quick afternoon snack - another banana- before heading off to do my workout at the gym. Since returning home, I still haven't eaten anything and am just having a second cup of tea. I can feel myself getting a bit irritable and slightly light-headed? Hmm.. Need some food asap! But don't know what to have! My options are rather limited at the moment! And dinner should be ready in an hour (hopefully less). Wish I could have some more of that delicious spag bol I made 2 nights ago.. But alas, we are having crumbed fish and baked fries for dinner. There will probably be some veges included with that. Quite looking forward to having some popcorn tonight as haven't had any since Monday! And probably tinned peaches again for dessert. I'd love to just cover them in chocolate sauce and cream! Yummmmm.. But I shall have to resist!

Just so we are clear, this is a 5-day week plan, so after tomorrow I'll be able to engage in some chocolate consumption! :D And maybe enjoy a nice meal (not home cooked!) But don't you worry, I am not planning on having a food and sugar binge as soon as this detox ends. Wouldn't want to ruin all this health progress I've hopefully made! I shall be more sensible with my food choices I'm thinking. But it would be nice to not think about what I can and can't eat all day long, it's actually rather tiring!! Anyways, before I get into this, I shall save it for the conclusion and my final thoughts on the week once it's officially over. (:


  1. I hate the 'constant thinking about food' aspect of healthy eating :)
    You are lucky you can get away with eating so many carbs!
    My body just takes them straight to my stomach and bum :(
    I bet you can't wait for the weekend!!

    1. Thankyou for the comment girl!
      Yeah that part is tiring ae! That's one thing I have not enjoyed about this week! Aw yeah I suppose I do have a bit of a fast metabolism, but I still can't just binge though! lol. Fully can't wait! ;)


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