Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I personally would like to get a tattoo. And this may become a reality pretty soon as I may be getting a particular one done with 2 of my bestest friends in the world, in honour of our unbreakable friendship. I am really excited but quite nervous! Hopefully all 3 of us go through with it once the mid-year break arrives... ;) I reckon getting a tattoo is about getting something that is special, meaningful and something that you are never going to get sick of or regret, since it's permanent. For me, my faith is a massive part of who I am and is extremely important to me and my life, so I would like to get something faith-related eventually at some point after the friendship one I'll be getting first. And personally, I would want any tattoo I get to be honourable to my God, and display good character in myself also! (: While we are on the topic, I'll show you some examples of tattoos which I quite like.

Just a reminder, these are just some tats I like, not necessarily the exact locations or sizes of them. (:

Have you got a tattoo? What is it and where did you get it? 


  1. I have a self-made design on my right hip which represents my family. I actually got it done twice. The first morphed really weirdly (something to keep in mind when looking at getting a tattoo) so I had it covered over by one of the best tattoo guys in NZ so it wouldn't happen again. Same design, but much bigger to hide the first faux pas - it has morphed a teensy bit so maybe my skin just isn't good at holding tattoos...but I truly love it. It's just so special and meaningful to me that I don't mind the fact that it will change with my body as I age :)

  2. Wow that sounds like a really nice one Candice! (: I wonder why it morphed tho ae... :/ Thats good that you got something special and meaningful. Would be cool to see a pic of it sometime! (:


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