Sunday, May 27, 2012

this was the auckland trip.

Most sincerest apologies ever for being absent from here for so long! Excuses: Had to write a seminar, present seminar, been staying late at tech pretty much everyday doing lots of work 'til at least after 5pm up to 8:45pm (even went in yesterday evening - a Saturday - for 3 hours!), assignments due next week and also the week after, lots more work to be finished, went to Auckland for 4 days with my course people to attend a 2-day conference and had to recovered from the trip... So that's basically been my life so far in a medium-sized nutshell! Haven't even been able to keep up with reading most of the blogs I follow (apart from a select few that I can never resist ;) hehe). So, in saying all this, please accept my apologies and bestow your forgiveness upon me! Cool thanks.

Here is a fast run down of my Auckland Trip weekend in a few photographs. (:

Snow on the mountains! Taken while on the trip to our destination.
Shopping was very necessary when in Auckland, down Queen Street in particular. Their Glassons store is UH-MAY-ZING! Goes on for miles and decorated in many different and beautiful ways all throughout the store!
Queen Street, Auckland Glassons? Mind blown.
On the first night, a few of us went to Tanuki's Cave for dinner. 
 Japanese Cuisine. I had chicken and sea weed strips on rice. Was actually really nice! (:
The design conference (Semi-Permanent) venue - The Aotea Centre. 
 A quick snapshot with the lovely Rosina. (I'm on the left.)
 Inside the heart of the venue. Such a mean atmosphere and almost 2000 attendees apparently.
 The stage.
Everyone made paper planes and launched them all at the same time for one of the speaker's fun demonstration.
Went to this one Japanese store, Daiso, where everything is $3.50. This store has EVERYTHING. Reminded me of my time I spent in Japan when I was 12!
Saturday night. Hanging out in the dorms...
Later on that same Saturday night. Enough said.
Sunday morning visit to the Auckland Art Gallery - which was huge - to see many many artworks. Followed by some Burger King for lunch. Had to be done.
Then finally on the road back home again! Got back after dark so was cool to see the sky change colours and the sun go down during the journey. (:


Overall, it was a great trip with several good times and good memories made with fellow classmates, all of whom are so great. We all are honestly like family, it's awesome! :D

P:S: Please be aware (once again) - May not also be able to do much blogging this next coming week or two due to the looming due dates of all my assignments. Eek... Cannot wait for the mid-year break! 

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