Friday, June 29, 2012

friday fancies: beachy chic.

For this Friday's fashion fix post, I'm linking up with {long distance loving} for Friday Fancies! The theme this week it 'Beachy Chic'. This is the style of the outfit below which I have attempted to create! (:

This 'Fun in the Sun' (excuse the cliche'..) look starts off with bright orange, short, jean shorts as the main feature. Very cute! The flowy, cream coloured, spaghetti strap top with white printed detail on it contrasts well with the shorts and adds a light, airy feel to the set. Sun protection on top comes in the form of a large straw ombre-orange sun hat to match the shorts. The tan sandals have some orange and turquoise detailing on the top. To accessorise the look and amp up the beachy feel, I added a straw made handbag which goes well with the hat and singlet. Also, I added some turquoise earrings, wooden bead bracelets and some dark sunnies - a must-have on a bright, sunny day! I love this look and would love to own every single item within it! This would definitely be my go-to, beach chic outfit for a hot, summers day! ;)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

peanut butter cookies.

The same night which I cooked the lovely Carbonara dinner, I was on a roll so decided to whip up a batch of delicious peanut butter and chocolate cookies! I was originally just going to eat the slab of Whittaker's Peanut Butter Chocolate, but felt that it would go particularly well baked in cookie dough! I was right. I found a simple recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and replaced the chocolate chips in the recipe to chunks of chopped up Peanut Butter chocolate. Also chucked in a spoonful of smooth peanut butter to amp up the taste. After a short wait, they were finally baked and turned out perfectly! I was thrilled. (: 

Enjoyed a couple of them with a glass of milk and it was the perfect dessert and went down a treat!
Will definitely be making these again sometime soon I reckon. ;) Om nom nom nommm! (:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a beautiful carbonara dinner.

Last week, I cooked dinner! I've been getting into this a bit more by making dinner for the fam at least once a week for the past few weeks so starting to make it a usual thing to do which is good. (: A little while ago, I went over to have dinner with a good friend of mine at a house she was house-sitting for a co-worker. She did most of the cooking (but I did help a little!) and made us a beautiful carbonara pasta dish! It was delicious! And I was surprised at how easy it was to whip up, so I decided to have a go and try make it for the family! Didn't have a recipe or anything to follow so just winged it. Here's a quick run down of how it went...

Chopped the chicken breast into bite-sized pieces.
 Thoroughly cooked the chicken first. 
Had the veggies pre-chopped. Spring onion, capsicum and mushroom.
Also had bacon chopped up and cooked in a separate pan. The mushrooms were then added to the bacon.
Started cooking the pasta. (Chicken and basil tortellini!)
Added the cooked bacon and mushroom to the chicken and other veggies.
The pre-made sauce I used: Delmaine Carbonara Pasta Sauce. Very delish. ;)
Put the sauce into the pan and stirred until ingredients had mixed together. Added a handful of spinach leaves.
 Stirred until the leaves had wilted and become soft.
 Chucked in a handful of cheese to add even more flavour.
 Stirred around until cheese was melted through.
 Added the cooked pasta to the rest of the ingredients...

And ta-da! A mouth-watering, quick and easily pasta dish which was very tasty and filling! Will definitely be keen to make this dish again sometime in the future! :D How about giving it a go yourself if you like to cook? Go on, I know you want to... ;)

Friday, June 22, 2012

fashion fix: classy day wear outfit.

Welcome to the first official 'Fashion Fix' post! (: For the first post of this debut feature, the look I have created to show is this classy day wear outfit! I have to say I would totally and absolutely wear this outfit if I was rich enough to own it! A girl can dream...

Classy Day Wear

We start off with a pair of dark blue or black skinny jeans and a flowy cream long sleeve blouse which is the main feature of this set. I gave the outfit a pair of dark tan heel boots which suit the almost country-elegance type of feel of the blouse. These also go great over dark skinnies. To accesorise the outfit, a dark tan or leather bag with gold attachments and a beaded tassel. For jewellery, I added a set of gold and wooden thin bracelets, a gold and brown gem ring and a pair of black feather earrings to compliment the natural tones. Finish with a black hair clip flower and we're good to go! I love the natural tones, contrast of colours and the chic, sophisticated look this outfit carries without being too formal.

What do you think? Any opinions on this outfit? (:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

girl crush: natalie portman.

Natalie Portman
I'm loving Nat at the moment! She exudes an air of elegance, class and sophistication. Her heart-shaped face and distinct features are beautiful from every angle and her smile is simply contagious! She can also pull of long and really short hair and will still look gorgeous with either. She's a style icon and an excellent actress. Some well-known films of hers include Star Wars I, II and III, V for Vendetta, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, The Other Boleyn Girl, Black Swan and Thor. It was from watching a bit of Thor on TV recently that I was inspired do a post on her, as she looked absolutely stunning even in her role as a less-than-glamouress scientist! Through a bit of research, I have learned that she not only is a great actress, she also completed her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Harvard in 2003! Smart, talented and gorgeous; definitely makes Natalie Portman worthy of her own Girl Crush post.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

current loves.

Holidays are lovely. I have been enjoying the free time and chance to just relax and sleep in too! I've surprised myself actually as I have actually been reading quite a lot! As in I'm over halfway through a book I've had for ages and previously had been too lazy/busy to pick it up and read it...

Maybelline Mini Colorama Urban Turquoise nail polish! Sorry I used a picture from another source, I tried taking pics of my own but none of them turned out good at all.. :/ Might try again another time when the light is better! I am slightly obsessed with these little nail polishes at the moment.. Only cost around $8 and come in lots of different colours. Two coats honestly last so long and barely chip at all! Very resistant and enduring. :D

The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory. The book I mentioned above which I have been eagerly reading and am now over halfway through! Can't wait to get back to it tonight.. It's rather exciting and keeps me turning the pages for hours on end! ;) And it was only $2 from an op-shop! Bonus.

My CoverGirl Red Lipstick - shade 575 ('Really Red') which I purchased at a makeup sale sometime last year. I absolutely love it and have been rocking it lately! Stays on for ages and doesn't come off easily. Goes with almost anything I wear and I think I feel more confident being in photos when I have it on! And probably more confident in general too. (: I recommend it to every girl! Blue undert-tone red lipsticks will make your teeth appear whiter too! ;)

Polyvore. And this set - Warm Summer Breezewhich I stumbled upon. This girl (Cynthia335) has SO much talent when it comes to putting fashionable outfits and eye-catching sets together! Jealous. Love it!

Warm Summer Breeze

Yup so that's what I'm currently loving! There are probably a few more I could add but I shall leave those 'til next time... ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

fashion fix?

Wow, so tonight I discovered something quite exciting and useful.

Something quite inspirational.

And rather wonderful.


Turns out I've been a member of this website for 7 months now, but I never realised its true potential until now! The coolest thing about it which has me on a bit of a buzz? You can style your own outfits using hundreds of ready-cropped fashion pieces! A great tool for figuring out what to wear, collecting outfit ideas, fashion wishlists, putting together magazine-layout type outfits or even just to play around and see what looks good with what, or what colour would go with what! IT IS GREAT. I'm sure almost everybody must know about this by now apart from me so excuse this post if you know all about it and are a Polyvore pro!

Here are the first outfits which I pieced together:

I had a play around with different templates (there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from!) As you may notice, I am very much a newbie at this, but I think I could get the hang of it with a bit more practice! I definitely want to use this newfound tool to help me to improve my sense of style and help me to make better choices when purchasing clothes or accessories! :D

I'm so inspired, I've decided to do a Polyvore outfit post right here once a week every week as a new feature for my blog! I think I shall call it something like 'fashion fix'. Yeah, a bit cliche' I know but you gotta admit, it kinda works! ;)

What do you guys think about my first styled outfits?! Yay or nay??

Don't forget to have a look at my Polyvore page here. If you like what you see, follow me! (:

P:S: I updated/re-designed the blog banner above to give it a fresh, new look without much drastic change! I used my own illustration in the design. Like? 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

21 things to do in the mid-year break.

Well, it's that time of year again! The time when I plan to do everything I don't get to do or do much of during the course terms...The mid-year break! :D Once again I would like to apologise for my recent absence here, end of semester is usually a really busy time! But now that the holidays have begun, I look forward to doing a lot more blogging, among other things. Which brings me to the main chunk of today's post: 21 things I could possibly occupy myself with this mid-year break.

  1. Rest and relax.
  2. Practice drawing/illustration a lot.
  3. Re-design this blog!
  4. Carry on working on my course work to make sure I'll be ahead for next semesters work load.
  5. Research for my studio work/theory work.
  6. Do more photography!
  7. Get a paid photography gig.
  8. Buy a bookshelf.
  9. Get a tattoo.
  10. Finish a fiction book.
  11. Read my graphic design/illustration books.
  12. Learn to do something new. 
  13. Workout regularly or do more physical activities.
  14. Work on this other separate project which is due next semester.
  15. Have a movie marathon.
  16. Visit and regularly hang out with as many of my friends as possible.
  17. Travel somewhere (within the country)
  18. Plan Christmas/birthday gifts for family and friends. 
  19. Try and get a few days or a week of work experience at a graphic design agency.
  20. Do more extra nice things for the bf.
  21. Cook more dinners for the family.

Hoping that this will be the holidays that I can get most of the things done that I would actually like to do, and really make the most of it! Just hope the bank account will allow me to get most of these things accomplished! Looks like I'm going to have to try have the cheapest mid-year break I can possibly have, and just try to have more cheap thrills! Cheap thrills are the best.
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