Saturday, June 9, 2012

21 things to do in the mid-year break.

Well, it's that time of year again! The time when I plan to do everything I don't get to do or do much of during the course terms...The mid-year break! :D Once again I would like to apologise for my recent absence here, end of semester is usually a really busy time! But now that the holidays have begun, I look forward to doing a lot more blogging, among other things. Which brings me to the main chunk of today's post: 21 things I could possibly occupy myself with this mid-year break.

  1. Rest and relax.
  2. Practice drawing/illustration a lot.
  3. Re-design this blog!
  4. Carry on working on my course work to make sure I'll be ahead for next semesters work load.
  5. Research for my studio work/theory work.
  6. Do more photography!
  7. Get a paid photography gig.
  8. Buy a bookshelf.
  9. Get a tattoo.
  10. Finish a fiction book.
  11. Read my graphic design/illustration books.
  12. Learn to do something new. 
  13. Workout regularly or do more physical activities.
  14. Work on this other separate project which is due next semester.
  15. Have a movie marathon.
  16. Visit and regularly hang out with as many of my friends as possible.
  17. Travel somewhere (within the country)
  18. Plan Christmas/birthday gifts for family and friends. 
  19. Try and get a few days or a week of work experience at a graphic design agency.
  20. Do more extra nice things for the bf.
  21. Cook more dinners for the family.

Hoping that this will be the holidays that I can get most of the things done that I would actually like to do, and really make the most of it! Just hope the bank account will allow me to get most of these things accomplished! Looks like I'm going to have to try have the cheapest mid-year break I can possibly have, and just try to have more cheap thrills! Cheap thrills are the best.


  1. I hope the end of semester wasn't too rough on you!
    I'm looking forward to resuming my studies/mainly just mid-sem and mid-year breaks haha :)

    1. It was actually pretty smooth thankyou! Was quite pleasant in a way even though I was busy! lol Yeah haha I get what you mean girl! (:


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