Wednesday, June 20, 2012

current loves.

Holidays are lovely. I have been enjoying the free time and chance to just relax and sleep in too! I've surprised myself actually as I have actually been reading quite a lot! As in I'm over halfway through a book I've had for ages and previously had been too lazy/busy to pick it up and read it...

Maybelline Mini Colorama Urban Turquoise nail polish! Sorry I used a picture from another source, I tried taking pics of my own but none of them turned out good at all.. :/ Might try again another time when the light is better! I am slightly obsessed with these little nail polishes at the moment.. Only cost around $8 and come in lots of different colours. Two coats honestly last so long and barely chip at all! Very resistant and enduring. :D

The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory. The book I mentioned above which I have been eagerly reading and am now over halfway through! Can't wait to get back to it tonight.. It's rather exciting and keeps me turning the pages for hours on end! ;) And it was only $2 from an op-shop! Bonus.

My CoverGirl Red Lipstick - shade 575 ('Really Red') which I purchased at a makeup sale sometime last year. I absolutely love it and have been rocking it lately! Stays on for ages and doesn't come off easily. Goes with almost anything I wear and I think I feel more confident being in photos when I have it on! And probably more confident in general too. (: I recommend it to every girl! Blue undert-tone red lipsticks will make your teeth appear whiter too! ;)

Polyvore. And this set - Warm Summer Breezewhich I stumbled upon. This girl (Cynthia335) has SO much talent when it comes to putting fashionable outfits and eye-catching sets together! Jealous. Love it!

Warm Summer Breeze

Yup so that's what I'm currently loving! There are probably a few more I could add but I shall leave those 'til next time... ;)


  1. You look fantastic with red lipstick!!
    I'm also going to hunt down that nail polish tomorrow! I have a friend who I would love to gift it to!

    1. Thanks girl!! So do you! Thats awesome it really is a great colour (:

  2. only thing bout the lipstick is that it leaves my lips red too :P xx


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