Friday, June 22, 2012

fashion fix: classy day wear outfit.

Welcome to the first official 'Fashion Fix' post! (: For the first post of this debut feature, the look I have created to show is this classy day wear outfit! I have to say I would totally and absolutely wear this outfit if I was rich enough to own it! A girl can dream...

Classy Day Wear

We start off with a pair of dark blue or black skinny jeans and a flowy cream long sleeve blouse which is the main feature of this set. I gave the outfit a pair of dark tan heel boots which suit the almost country-elegance type of feel of the blouse. These also go great over dark skinnies. To accesorise the outfit, a dark tan or leather bag with gold attachments and a beaded tassel. For jewellery, I added a set of gold and wooden thin bracelets, a gold and brown gem ring and a pair of black feather earrings to compliment the natural tones. Finish with a black hair clip flower and we're good to go! I love the natural tones, contrast of colours and the chic, sophisticated look this outfit carries without being too formal.

What do you think? Any opinions on this outfit? (:


  1. Love this!
    I can't do the whole skinny jeans and boots thing since I'm a shorty with a big booty BUT I do have a similar blouse, so I can use this for inspiration to dress it up! :)

    1. Well I would suggest a nice black skirt with tights as an alternative to skinny jeans for this type of look but I'm sure anything you wear would look great on you Candice! (:


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