Monday, July 23, 2012

current loves #2.

Lovely people commenting on my blog posts!
I have recently been getting more and more comments especially on Friday Fancies posts, which has been fantastic, and truly encouraging to me! I haven't had the ability to go through and reply to each one individually, but I would like you to know that if you have commented, it has not gone unnoticed! Each one makes me smile so I would like to thank all of you who have left one, you are all sooo sweet. (: I personally wish each of you and your blogs all the best. :D

The up-cycling of old books. Have been experimenting with this in the studio at the moment for a recent class exhibition coming up in August. More on this in the near future!

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses. I ALWAYS am loving chocolate, I have to admit. Literally cannot go one single day without getting my chocolate fix. Recently got gifted these by a good friend of mine and have thoroughly enjoying them since! A few a day go down real well... ;)

Friendships and relationships. These are a constant love obviously but are very prominent in my life right now. I am massively blessed to have such wonderful, extraordinary best friends (D & J) who remain constant in my life no matter what happens or where we are. We remain close and it is always such a treat to spend time with them! I am also blessed with a lovely, sweetheart boyfriend (E) who is also always there for me and spoils me so much! He's such a darling. (: xx.

Weetbix. I'm very much loving this simple, cheap breakfast cereal at the moment! Weird, I know. I have 2 or 3 at a time, with sugar and milk. YUM! For some reason, I'm just not getting sick of having it lol haha... I could eat weetbix for breakfast, when I need a snack, lunch or for dessert. And I do. Not even joking.
What are you loving at the moment? Care to share? (:

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  1. Comments are amazing, hey! They truely have the ability to make or break a day sometimes :)

    Can NOT wait to see how your exhibition turns out! Books and art - two of my most favourite things!!


I appreciate every single comment so THANK YOU for leaving one! You are all so sweet and encouraging! :D x x

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