Wednesday, July 25, 2012

date jar tutorial.

Recently, my boyfriend and I reached the 8 month mark of our relationship. So for that, I wanted to do something special for him. I found the idea on good ol' Pinterest and decided to do my own version: A Date Jar. Good way to vary up the things you do together and helpful for those times when you can't think of something original to do together for a date. Just whip out the date jar and let the fun begin! 
Here's how I made mine:

1. Get hold of a nice jar you would like to use.

2. Buy or collect popsicle sticks to write the date ideas on. I purchased some from a cheap craft store for $2 a pack and they were already different colours when I bought them. 

3. Write down a list of dates you would be interested in doing with your partner.  Have fun with this and choose some ideas you never would have thought of before! Do some research if you are stuck for ideas. I found most of mine on the internet.

4. Write down the date ideas on the popsicle sticks and categorize them by date price (this is how I chose to do it). I made the green sticks free dates, the yellow ones cheap dates, the orange ones medium priced, and the red ones expensive dates. 

5. Once all your ideas have been written down, collect the sticks in a pile and shuffle them if you want the categories/colours to mix.

6. Place the sticks into your chosen jar.
7. Make a tag for the jar to explain the colour code. (I rushed this part so it looked a bit messy but no worries!)

8. Use scissors to cut a strip of ribbon (any colour) to attach the tag to the jar. 

9. Done! Now all you have to do is gift it to your partner! Or if it's for you or both of you, pull out a popsicle stick and organise to do the date written on it. Fun! :D


  1. Such a cute idea, going to have to try this!


  2. you are the sweetest!!
    such a fun idea!!
    i always want to do things like this, but never get around to it :)


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