Friday, July 13, 2012

friday fancies: wedding guest.

Hey lovely people! You know the drill! Linking up again with {longdistanceloving} for this weeks Friday Fancies post! The theme this week is 'Wedding Guest', so I created an outfit I would simply love to wear as a guest to a wedding!

I'm loving mint green at the moment so I chose a dress this colour for the main feature of this set. It's such a cute dress, I love it. Love the cinched waist and pleats, also the bubble hem! To add contrast and enhance the overall look, I paired the dress with some cute, black lacy heels, silver, black and turquoise jewellery and a very stylish silver clutch purse accented with a lovely black bow down the centre. To finish off the look, black nails! So chic and stylish! I love black nail polish. It never gets old. ;)

What do you think? Leave me a comment and include a link to your wedding guest Friday Fancies outfit and I'll have a look! (:


  1. Oh my gosh! LOVE IT!! So cute, I would totes wear it :) xx

  2. oh I wish I could wear this color - such a cute dress!

    happy friday!
    elizabeth | seagrass studio

  3. I love that dress! Happy weekend!

  4. I love the color of the dress. It's so pretty. The combo of the conservative dress with the super sexy lace heels is gorgeous.

  5. Love that dress color- so pretty!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  6. Oh how cute are you? This is my first visit to your blog and i LOVE it.
    Excellent choices!

  7. love the combination! x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  8. That is such a beuatiful dress! I love it!!! :)


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