Tuesday, July 31, 2012

thoughts on blogging.

I've been thinking about blogging lately. 
And not just what to blog about, but the actual act of blogging in itself. 
For me, blogging is a hobby, something I enjoy doing when I get some spare time to do a post and share with the blogosphere what's going on in my life/mind at that point in time.
It can be fun! It can be exciting! It can even be therapeutic! But it can also be a source of stress/worry. . . 

Sometimes I feel guilty/disappointed in myself when I skip a few days or a week without having done a single blog post! I feel like I let my readers down in a way, when this happens. I know I shouldn't be thinking this way!! But sometimes, I just do. It's in this instance that blogging starts to feel more like a chore than a hobby to me. And this is NOT what I want it to be like! And in no way should it be like this.

It shouldn't be about the amount of followers you have, how many comments you get, posting things purely just to impress others, and feeling like a failure if you don't post for a day or five. Rather, it should be about having fun posting what you feel like when you feel like it, and having a hobby that becomes a stress-reliever rather than a stress-creator! And how much sweeter is it when people decide to follow your blog because it's unique to you and what you like and not just a wannabe copy cat of the big time 'blog stars'!

Here is the most vital part of this post:
I recently came across the most perfect post about blogging. 
You need to read this.
Just one click and you're there. Go on! It'll only take a minute or two, then come back here and continue on below. . . (And make sure you read right down to the end!)

YES. This is a post which I will probably go back to many times to remind myself of some very important things to remember... To me, this post was definitely a wake-up call/relief/help/though-provoker. Kim says it all so perfectly. I could especially relate to the part where she says: 

"Don't get discouraged when your numbers don't grow. Don't be jealous when someone else's blog does grow. I saw this quote somewhere recently: 
"Bloggers are your community, not your competition."

So true. Just be yourselves and have fun with your blog and don't worry too much about what other people think! (:

Thanks, Kim @ Oh, Sweet Joy!


  1. I like this post Jess :) This is what I try to do, cause my blog is just a little piece of me on the internet, and that's the way I want it :) x

    1. Thankyou daleo! (: (: Very good thats the way! x


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