Wednesday, July 4, 2012

what happened this weekend.

This Saturday night just passed, a girl in my class at tech (I'm currently in my last year of study for my bachelor of visual arts and design for those of you who don't know) whom I am good friends with had her 21st. Both me and my boyfriend were invited to go along to it. It was quite a formal event (but not too posh!) as it was held in a private room of a fancy winery restaurant which she works at, The Mission. Almost my whole class made it to the function, and the entire night was an absolute blast! Free nibbles and drinks (fish pieces and scrumptious dip, sushi, mini pies, sausage rolls, spring rolls, delicious cake, wine etc.) great company (our class is like a family, - we all get on so well with each other, it's great!), lovely atmosphere, massive laughs. Was amazing! (:

Also, I got my hair cut recently decided to get my fringe back as you may have noticed. 

On Sunday, I put in my 2 week notice resignation letter at work! (I work at a New World supermarket on checkout.) I've been there for about 3 and a half years and I definitely feel it is time to move on from there... So I am rather excited about that! ;)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too! (:


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! Also this sounds like a fun night with friends, gotta love 21st birthday parties! xo

    1. Oh thankyou, you're too kind! Yes it was a great night indeed :D x

  2. I looooove your fringe! it suits you sooo well!

  3. What a fun night!
    How exciting that you are in your final year!! I feel so envious - that could be me...well it could have been me last year too, but I keep putting off completion! One day ;)
    I love your design work! Makes me want to switch around my degree to add some of that in!! Uh-oh, here we go again!!
    That first is a beautiful picture of you and your boy! :)


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