Friday, August 17, 2012

physical exercise anyone?

Hello there, my faithful readers! Apologies for my short hiatus. I have actually been incredibly busy in more ways that one {academically/physically/mentally/emotionally}. I would also like to remind you that I am in my last semester of my design degree, so finding the time to blog very regularly will be a challenge and has already proven to be so...!


One thing that has been on my mind a lot this past week is healthy eating and exercise. Something tells me I am not alone on this. Recently, I have decided to get back into is doing regular exercise during the week. Someone told me the other day that any exercise is better than no exercise! Good words.

I have a confession to make. Up until very recently, I hardly exercised. Like, never. I have been put in the 'slim' category basically all my life because of a fast metabolism, so people will say to me, "You don't even NEED to exercise, look at you!" I disagree because exercise isn't and shouldn't ONLY be about losing weight. It's about keeping your body and mind healthy, improving fitness and the quality of life etc. This is why I was becoming more and more unhappy with myself. Not because of my size/weight, but because on the inside, I felt like a big, lazy slob. Kinda harsh, but true. I didn't feel healthy on the inside.

 My eating habits haven't been too wise either, lately... To be honest, I began to put on weight. Not that I weigh myself much ever, but I could visually notice a change in my body... Guess where the weight goes on me??? BUM, HIPS AND THIGHS. How do I know I've gained? Well, I tried on a pair of my favourite summer short shorts....... I could barely get them on, let alone move in them! Not even kidding.Talk about utter disappointment. This was the point where I made the decision to finally get back into a more active lifestyle, and undertake some form of exercise, rather than none!

I would just like to stress that my main goal is not to lose weight. Rather, the aim is to TONE UP and improve my FITNESS, a.k.a actually gain a fitness level. 'Cause right now, it's zero. No lies. Can't even run for like 10 seconds without getting puffed. Not proud of this at all.

I realise this is going to be no easy task. It never is, never has been and it never will be. There's always deliciously bad food available. There's always a lazy attitude waiting for me. There's always a lack of motivation. There's always something less painful to be doing. But I NEED to do it! I want to feel good in my own skin and happy with myself on the INSIDE as well as the outside. I want to fit into my favourite short shorts again in time for summer. And I want to generally be a much more fit and active person.

I want to highly commend anyone who has this working out regularly (as in 3-7 times a week) thing down-packed!! Whether it be by playing a sport, going to the gym, going for runs or doing personal workouts, I am very envious of where you are at! You obviously have the motivation and mental strength which I am severely lacking in at the moment. I want this to change! I want to improve slowly steadily but surely and get to where YOU are. You are my inspiration. Keep up the great work. :D

If you have made it this far down the post, I will leave you with these words which I constantly try to remind myself of: Don't exercise regularly because you hate your body or how you look, exercise because you love your body and want what's best for it (or so you should!) Also, exercise should be fun, not a chore! 

Any thoughts? Would love to hear what you have to say!


  1. Good stuff Jess!! Keep up the good effort :) xx

  2. u wana try my old squash routines that will get u in shape hun that stuff is hard!

  3. I can so relate to this! I find it such a struggle to get motivated to exercise, but I think it is important even just to keep the mind going!



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