Wednesday, October 24, 2012

no, i did not die. (i'm back!)

Life. Oh, Life. You really are a funny thing.

Hello again my faithful, ever-patient readers! I have missed this little space of mine! And I have missed sharing things with you all... I realise I have been absent from here for almost 2 months...shocking, I know. But let me tell you, life has been hectic crazy insane a roller coaster intense rather busy... And have had tonnes on my mind. Let me lay it down for ya.

  • Went through a break up. Not fun. Very complicated and not black & white at all. As these things usually aren't...
  • Went away to Wellington for a weekend to see the World of Wearable Arts show. It was AMAZING. A truly magnificent experience.
  • Started to plan my 21st birthday party, which will be taking place in December. OF COURSE I shall share pictures with you of the night... ;)
  • My 3 year degree (Graphic Design) is coming to and end very soon!! And when I say soon, I mean, like, 3 weeks! The graduate exhibition at which all the 3rd year students' final project work will be shown takes place on the 16th of November, BUT all our work needs to be boxed up ready to be taken to the gallery by  the 8th of November!! And I've still got soOoOoOo much to finish! Therefore, this has been taking up majority of my time and mental capacity, preventing me from blogging here regularly, and for this I apologize to you all! 
  • I lost my USB which has all the design work I've done this year on it. Cannot find it ANYWHERE. And I didn't back up any of it to another computer. How dumb am I.

I must also confess...

  • I have no idea what I'm going to do next year or where I'm going to go.... or what will happen! 
  • God has been absolutely AMAZING in my life lately. He has been my constant source of comfort, confidence, joy, love and He is teaching me new things always. Since I have re-committed to living life for Him, I have felt a lot more at peace even though things have been raging on around me! He has been so patient with me, and I really feel His hand upon my life, changing me gently into more of the woman I know He intends for me to be. (: I'm learning to put my trust in Him more and more. Loving it! God is good all the time.
  • I have quite a few things I'd like to blog about in the weeks to come (and especially once my course is finished!) so stay tuned! 
  • I have failed to do a proper sufficient exercise work out for over a month... I really should get back into it... Argh, why am I so lazy!?!?
  • I've lost my beautiful silver bracelet (that was a gift) that I love. It's just disappeared into thin air. Like my USB... ): 
  • I cannot wait for Summer!!!!!! It's nearly here! :D Friends! Hanging out! Laughing! Beaches! Tans! Food! Fun! Birthday celebration! Free time! Reading books! Photography! Travelling! Road trips! Shopping! Summer clothes! Bring on the Summer. Can you tell I'm just a little keen for it?

So yes. This has been my life lately, in a nutshell. Hopefully you understand a bit more about why I have failed to blog for so long, and I hope you shall continue to stick around, as I will get back into it again at some point, I promise!

I shall leave you with a couple (unedited!) pics of me taken when I was in Wellington for the Wearable Arts show... 


I wish you all a happy rest of your week. (:

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  1. I'm glad you're back! But very sorry to hear about your break up :(


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