Wednesday, January 9, 2013

cupcakey deliciousness.

Over the past few weeks I've been getting into my cupcake baking quite a bit due to the receiving of a beautiful cupcake recipe book called The Cupcake which I received as a gift on my 21st. I've found that I quite enjoy this activity, especially the devouring eating of the finished product... ;) Here are the ones I've made recently...

Red Velvet
{These were actually from a box mix, not the recipe book.}

Ultimate Chocolate (Christmas Cupcakes)
 {These were actually amazing.}

Pink Lemonade
 {Aren't those decorative straws so cute? Dale and I had good fun baking these ones.. ;)}

Want something fun and rewarding to do? Got some spare time? Bake some darn cupcakes! ;) 
They're so easy to make and there's like a million different recipes to suit every taste. Yum.

{All photos are taken by me and are subject to copyright, 2013. Do not use without permission.}

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