Monday, January 14, 2013

healthy eating and snack ideas.

Recently, I've been getting back into my health and fitness! As in I've made a choice to actively start eating healthier again and start exercising again, even if that means a 20 minute walk. I did a Les Mills Body Pump class today, which is a one-hour fitness class focusing on using weights to target all the muscle groups of the body. Because I'm so weak and unfit and it was my first time ever, I did find it quite difficult. Pulling a muscle in my right tricep wasn't too much fun either. And my shoulder hurts. But once the initial pain and suffering ended once the class was over, I felt quite good! Mentally/emotionally, too. As in, I felt quite good about myself and the fact that I had completed a decent workout for a change! I felt quite pumped! So later on today, I also did a 30 minute walk with my dad (practically had to force him to go but he gave in in the end haha) So it's been a good exercise day for me!

I've also been thinking a lot about eating right lately. And how it's so VITAL to eat properly! I believe the way to do this is by having:

  • nutritious, filling breakfast
  • small, healthy morning snack
  • decent lunch
  • satisfying but healthy afternoon snack to tie you over 'til dinner
  • and a balanced, substantial dinner
  • something small and sweet for dessert if the craving arises!
You see, it's been proven that eating regularly throughout the day (as long as they are healthy foods) boosts your metabolism therefore making it easier to lose weight, if that is what you are aiming for. Not eating regular, proper meals everyday will not only slow metabolism way down, it also puts the body into starvation mode which just makes weight loss harder. Not to mention getting the proper nutrients and energy (the body's fuel), which are so vital to good health and wellbeing, is nearly impossible when not enough food is being consumed. Food and eating RIGHT are so important, I cannot stress this enough! 

I randomly joined this plan on this neat website recently, My Special K, which I'm not taking too seriously, but they do have really good meal and exercise suggestions on there which I have been taking some inspiration from in my own journey towards good health. They suggest a full meal plan each weak of 5-6 meals a day (same as I have mentioned above) which includes the recipes. They are all so healthy but delicious and from what I've seen, not too difficult to make. Although, I usually just gather inspiration from the snack ideas which they give. You first complete a short survey so that they can design a plan suited to you and your needs/goals. If for no other reason, just try it for fun. It is actually pretty fun... lol.

Anyways, thus here begins a series of posts in which I will share with you my favourite healthy snack ideas, which will be quick, easy, tasty and affordable, since those are the things I look for in my snack of choice. ;) 

The first is one I tried today, Jarrah Choc O'Lait - hot chocolate. It's a tiny 45 calories per serving, 99% fat free. And.. IT. IS. DELICIOUS. Wow.

So quick and easy to whip up, and perfect for those chocolate cravers out there such as myself. (: My new fave hot drink!

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  1. Mm the drink looks good! Good on you for trying to eat healthy, a decent breakfast is definitely important!



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