Monday, January 7, 2013

this year will be the best year yet.

It's the New Year, as you probably already know. I haven't blogged throughout Christmas or New Years, apologies. I'm sure you survived though? ;)

My Christmas and New Years were very good, rather enjoyable. And don't worry, I'm not going to ramble on with a detailed account of everything I did. It's done now, may aswell move on and look ahead right? hehe. Since everyone has been writing New Years resolution type posts, I figured, why not review the goals I made last year (in April...was a tad slow there.) and the outcomes of said goals...

According to this post last year I wanted to:

  • Read at least 1 fiction book. I need to read more and by "more" I mean more than just a few chapters a year....... ahem.  Did this.
  • Keep this blog up to date and do at least 3-4 posts per week every week. Gotta keep my lovely readers  happy ;) Didn't do this, sorry... ):
  • Do a significant amount of various photography shoots. Nope.
  • Manage my time better when it comes to doing course assignments. Kind of?
  • Get a tattoo. Not yet.
  • Learn to cook at least 4 new dinner meals and 2 deserts.  (Yeah, I never cook to be honest. Not good.) Didn't do this.
  • Keep growing my hair out long. Resist the urge to keep dying it black. (I want to grow out the black so I can dye it a deep, dark red one day!) Kept it long. Kept dying it black.
  • Save up at least 3 grand in my savings account. Uhhhhhm...
  • Improve my wardrobe and enhance my fashion style. Too poor.
  • Make more handmade birthday gifts for family and friends. Too lazy.
  • Get a bookshelf in my room for all my books and magazines! Got one for Christmas yay!
  • Go to a theatre production. Nope.
  • Refrain from getting any library book fines. Didn't even get any books out...
  • Learn something new (almost) everyday. Nah.
  • Eat something new that I have never tried before. I think so? Can't remember what it was...
  • Go to a place (town, city) that I have never been to before. Um don't recall.
  • Stay committed to going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week and get my money's worth out of it! I need to get my fitness up... (I can't even run for like 1 minute straight without needing a break to catch my breath. Shameful.) Didn't do this. Quit the gym. Too poor. And lazy.
  • Remember the birthdays of everyone important to me. Yes.
  • Create and produce a final end-of-year course project that I am happy with and can be proud of. Umm yeah I guess I was pretty happy with the finished product.
  • Gather some idea as to what I will be doing with my life next year. Working (soon) hopefully.
  • Keep on drawing closer in my personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and continue to follow in His ways. (and this, to me, is the most important thing on this list!) I believe I did work on this and continue to do so (: This will always be an ongoing thing!
  • Continue to learn to be a patient, loving and selfless person. (: Still learning.
  • Improve my friendships/relationships that I have with everyone close to me! (Be a better friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister etc.) Still working on it.
  • Bake some goodies occasionally. Actually did this! Stay tuned for a cupcakes post...
  • Buy a new pair of good shoes. Yes, I guess? If jandals count.

Hmmmm, yeah. I kinda suck at sticking to the goal lists I make to be honest.. 10ish things out of 24 isn't the best effort I realise. I want this year to be better! Here are some goals I'd like to achieve this year. Hopefully the less I make, the more I'll achieve ;)

  • Get a job.
  • Save as much money as I can.
  • Revamp my wardrobe.
  • Get into some sort of regular exercise routine.
  • Blog more.
  • Bake more.
  • Cook meals way more.
  • Read more.
  • Laugh more.
  • Travel more.
  • Do more photography!
  • Get my full driving license...
  • Re-design this blog.
  • Be a better person in every way possible.
  • Continue to draw closer to God and improve my personal relationship with Him! 

I definitely want to make this blog better this year. It's my THIRD year blogging! Wow, time has flown by. I hope you will continue with me on this wild, fun, random journey of a blog! There will be many more great things to follow I promise. (: Including this cute pic.

2013: This is going to be the best year yet!!!

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